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MC: Eight Titles 2

MC: Eight Titles

A nice look back at Rafa’s eight consecutive Monte-Carlo titles – a truly amazing feat.

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RafaLint: May 2nd

Auction for Rafa’s Foundation: You can bid on a chance to watch Rafa practice in Mallorca…and then get a 30 minute hitting session with him! Proceeds from the auction to be split by the...

Monte-Carlo: Presser videos 6

Monte-Carlo: Presser videos

Since they wouldn’t only allow pictures during the first question in MC pressers, I decided to try shooting some video. The lady wasn’t sure they were allowed, so at first, I hand-held my heavy...

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RafaLint: April 24th

(This was going to be more organized and less of a time-shifting mish-mash, but I’m tired and lost momentum. This also means this post is missing so, so much.) Today’s recommended reading: Back to...

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MC: That’s the sport

Let’s just start with the facts: Rafa Nadal is, for the first time since 2005, not the champion of the Monte-Carlo Masters. He lost today to Novak Djokovic 6-2, 7-6(1). Now the emotions: I...