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RafaLint: August 12th

Rafa went for a wrist check-up today and plans to announce his US Open status by Saturday.

RafaLint: August 8th

The iB3 showed up at Rafa’s practice today – that means we get video and an interview.

RafaLint: October 22nd

RafaLint: October 22nd

Looks like it was media day for Rafa in Manacor today – complete with some guests. Here’s a short version of a report on iB3 via their site and a longer one via YouTube:...

RafaLint: September 16th

Exhibitions: Today, Rafa made sure we knew about an upcoming exhibition he’ll play against David Nalbandian: Os espero en Buenos Aires el 23 de noviembre! I'm waiting for you in Buenos Aires at November 23!...

Video: IB3 Interview

Video of an interview that aired yesterday (December 22nd) on iB3 TV can be found on their site.

Toni talks about knees and recovery

Toni gave an interview for SER Sports today. There’s an audio file here for those who understand Mallorquí (thanks @genny_ss). David J Nadal also tweeted some quotes from the interview: Palabras de ToniNadal a...

L’especial Golèmica de Rafel Nadal videos

Some videos from the iB3 special. Els missatges i les sopreses de la nit: (“Rafa is ‘surprised’ by Casillas, Gassol, Contador, Lorenzo, Fernández & Llul” – genny_ss/SpanishRNfan) Rafel Nadal: “Som un bon perdedor”: (“Rafa,talking...

RafaLint: November 16th

It’s the video we’ve all been waiting for…the iB3 talks to Rafa at the airport: Articles: Roger, Rafa to break new ground in round-robin match by Ed McGrogan (tennis.com) A.T.P. Finals: Will There Be...

RafaLint: August 3rd

Attention NYers! According to this site, Rafa will be at a book signing in NYC on August 27th. Video & Photos: Here’s an iB3 report with an adorable, smiley, and story-telling Rafa as he...