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Photo by Beth Wilson 52

IW: *sigh*

Well, that wasn’t fun. I was hoping to have another “can you believe how this guy can steal a match right from under someone’s nose again and again” type post. But Rafa wasn’t able...

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IW: The draw

The draw is out for the first ATP 1000 Masters tournament of the year.

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RafaLint: March 29th

If you care to believe anything Marca writes (their track record isn’t that great), Rafa payed a “surprise visit” to his knee doctor this week. Here’s what I want to know: what is their...

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RafaLint: March 25th

First, why can’t I buy these on the US Nike site: Shirt (with photo by Ella Ling) and a just plain awesome shirt I must have. For those who believe in such silly superstitions,...