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RafaLint: May 22nd

RafaLint: May 22nd

Rafa interview and practice footage from today: Posted by molvi1501. Articles: Rafatigue? Nadal’s dominance on clay never gets old; more mail – by Jon Wertheim (si.com) The Rally: 2013 French Open – tennis.com pundits...

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RafaLint: May 21st

Articles: Toni Nadal: “No me explico que Rafa sea 1 en la Race” – an interview with Toni via puntodebreak.com (mangle) Return of Serve Analysis: Nadal Trounces Federer in Rome, But Return Numbers Tell...

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RafaLint: May 20th

I’m so totally addicted to this site – it’s got so much of what I’d had envisioned doing with the database here, but have never gotten around too. Articles: Heroes and Zeros: Rafa, Serena...

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Witnessing HIS7ORY Part 2

The final [warning: this is long!] I think I always knew it was going to be a Nadal-Djokovic final. Maybe it’s my 6th sense or the belief that things always have to be done...

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Witnessing HIS7ORY Part 1

My RG debut [warning: this is long!] In the grandest scheme of things, tennis is just a game and Rafa winning 7 Roland Garros titles was never going to be like finding a cure...

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RafaLint: June 11th

Ooodles. Just oodles of Roland Garros final coverage. What more could you ask for?

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RG: Final presser

If you aren’t region blocked (like me), you can watch the post-final presser in full. Same thing with the Spanish one. The rest of us will have to settle for this clip on the...