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RafaLint: November 19th

More Duel pics and coverage, looking forward to 2015 and flashing back as far as 2004 – today’s lint.

MC: Eight Titles 2

MC: Eight Titles

A nice look back at Rafa’s eight consecutive Monte-Carlo titles – a truly amazing feat.

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Video: ESPN looks back on the 2012 AO Final

This match. This insane match. It could only end in heartbreak for one player and one set of fans. Sadly for us, the heartbreak was on Rafa’s side this time. But this match is...


RafaLint: July 29th

Lots of people talking about this today: Djokovic’s father rips Federer and Nadal – by Chris Chase (via usatoday). “Nadal was his best friend while he was winning. When things changed, they were no...

Flashback Friday: boys will be boys edition 4

Flashback Friday: boys will be boys edition

I don’t exactly remember how we ended up here, but earlier this week, Juan José Vallejo and I ended up watching this video. He was laughing at all the trash talking they were doing...