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Chema Moya (Efe) 2

RafaLint: April 2nd

From signing with Banco Sabadell to watching footie – today generated a lot of lint.

Miami: Final videos 7

Miami: Final videos

Match highlights, match point, Rafa’s amazing winner, trophy speech and presser – videos related to the Miami final.

Rafa 3

Video: ESPN looks back on the 2012 AO Final

This match. This insane match. It could only end in heartbreak for one player and one set of fans. Sadly for us, the heartbreak was on Rafa’s side this time. But this match is...

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RafaLint: November 26th

Naughty cousins, 2013 retrospectives and people really can’t get over Rafa and Nole having fun in Argentina – today’s lint.

Tomás Correa Arce 2

Nadal vs. Nalbandian photos

Tomás Correa Arce is a freelance photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina who mainly shoots live music. This past weekend, however, he turned his photographic eye to tennis. I saw some of his photos...