Sites take a bit of money to run (not too much, but a bit), so if you like any of these products and feel like buying them, it will help pay for the server costs. If I make more than the server fees, I will donate the rest to Rafa’s foundation.


2016 Calendars

The 2016 calendar is here! Actually, the 2016 calendars are here. Once again, I made color and black and white versions.

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Black and White

As always, if you can only afford (or only want) one Rafa calendar this year, get Rafa’s official calendar to support his foundation!

The 2015 calendar is still available. The cover will say 2015, but you can have them printed with 2016 dates.

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There are also prints, t-shirts, phone cases and more available on Red Bubble:

Water bottles

Stay hydrated while watching tennis and let your support for Rafa show with the Vamos SIGG bottle.

Stay hydrated while watching tennis...

Available in 1L and .6L sizes.


I have opened stores at both the US and UK/European Spreadshirt shops. If you don’t live in either of those areas, check each site’s shipping policies/costs to see which would be better for you. Once you get your gear, show it to us in our gear gallery.

The following designs are available:

Rafalicious – US
Rafalicious – UK/Europe

Vamos! – US
Vamos! – UK/Europe

Vamos Rafa! – US
Vamos Rafa! – UK/Europe

On any of the shirts, you can change the shirt colors, but not the ink colors. Be careful that you don’t change colors to say, white when then ink is white. You might not like the results.

Want a certain color shirt, but different ink? Just contact me with the shirt type and ink colors and I’ll see about adding one. Also, there are many more products available (US product list and UK/Europe product list) and I do special requests.