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RafaLint: July 29th

RafaLint: July 29th

Coverage of the Ace Rafa event, the Olympics tennis book and other stuff to catch up on.

RafaLint: July 21st

More news about the decision to withdraw from the Olympics…and, for a nice change of pace, smiling Rafa at the ACE RAFA event.

Interview about the Olympics withdrawal

Video from Rafa’s first on-camera interview after his withdrawal from the Olympics. (Posted by Inés.) For those who are Spanish challenged, I’m told this article includes a lot of what Rafa was saying in...

Olympics: Interviews with Toni

Inés has sent in some translations of quotes given by Toni in interviews today. What Toni has said in the different interventions on the radio: “A very sad day for him because in addition...

Olympics: Flag ceremony translated

Melissa sent this in the other day, but I didn’t have time to get it posted. Sadly, we know this isn’t going to happen and I almost didn’t post it. But then I thought...

RafaLint: July 17th

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lint – been super busy and then I lost the lint post I’d been working on in a computer malfunction. Oops! Plus, it’s been a bit quiet in...