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2011 Calendar 14

Calendar quandary

Should I or shouldn’t I? If so, what do you want a 2015 calendar to contain?

Vote for Rafa 1

The best fans?

The folks at Tennis Tuesday are running a poll on which player has the best fans.

Julian Finney/Getty Images 80

MC: A bit of a free-for-all

Okay, guys. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to watch all of tomorrow’s match and/if I’ll be able to continue watching the tournament. I’m to be at the hospital tomorrow at...

Screenshot of new site 33

New site design

Okay, folks. I’ve launched the new site design. Hopefully, it’s not too mucked up. Please let me know if you see anything way out of whack. The site is responsive, so it will look...

Photo by Beth Wilson 6

Site update

If all goes well and I manage to work out the final kinks, I’ll be launching a new site redesign this weekend. The site might be down for a bit or up but looking...