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Rankings: August 12th 2

Rankings: August 12th

The post Montreal rankings are up. Rafa and Wawrinka have moved up a spot while Raonic has jumped up three.

Rankings: July 8th 3

Rankings: July 8th

The post-Wimbledon rankings are up! Rafa and Daveeed move up one, Fed falls two and Del Potro and Tsonga switch places. It’s as weird seeing Federer ranked 5 as it was seeing Rafa there.

Rankings: June 17th 7

Rankings: June 17th

The new rankings are up. There was no movement in the top ten. These are the rankings that will be used in determining the Wimbledon rankings.

Rankings: June 10th 18

Rankings: June 10th

The post Roland Garros rankings are up. Rafa and Daveeed trade places again. (Rafa defended his points while Daveeed gained.) Tsonga moves up a spot thanks to his semifinal finish. Wow. Only 420 points...

Rankings: May 20th 3

Rankings: May 20th

The post Rome rankings are up. Looks the seeding issue for Roland Garros is the total non-issue I’ve thought it was all along. Other than that, the only movement was with Wawrinka dropping back...

Rankings: May 13th 5

Rankings: May 13th

The post Madrid rankings are up. Rafa gained a bit on Ferrer while Federer and Murray switched spots. Also, welcome back to the top ten, Stan!

Rankings: April 29th 4

Rankings: April 29th

The post Barcelona rankings are up. There’s no movement in the top ten from last week.