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ATP Rankings 3

Rankings: March 3rd

The year enters its third month! The pre-Indian Wells rankings are up and yep, Rafa’s still at the top.

ATP Rankings 0

Rankings: February 17th

This week’s rankings are up. The guys between 4 and 7 have swapped around a bit, other than that, no changes.

AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi 7

Rankings: January 27th

The post-AO rankings are are up. Rafa adds 1200 points to his total thanks to reaching the final and having no points to defend.

Rankings: January 5th 14

Rankings: January 5th

The first rankings of the year are are up. Rafa gains a net 100 points since the 250 from Doha replace his 150 from Vina del Mar*.

Rankings: November 4th 4

Rankings: November 4th

The November 4th rankings are up. Since last year’s WTF points have dropped already, Rafa retains his #1 spot.

Rankings: October 28th 10

Rankings: October 28th

The new rankings are up. The zero pointer Rafa had for not meeting his 500 level commitment last year has dropped, Vina del Mar points are now in his total.