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Rankings: November 4th 4

Rankings: November 4th

The November 4th rankings are up. Since last year’s WTF points have dropped already, Rafa retains his #1 spot.

Rankings: October 28th 10

Rankings: October 28th

The new rankings are up. The zero pointer Rafa had for not meeting his 500 level commitment last year has dropped, Vina del Mar points are now in his total.

Rankings: October 14th 11

Rankings: October 14th

The post Shanghai rankings are up and Rafa has increased his lead a bit. Two Spaniards in the top 3! Wow.

Rankings: August 12th 2

Rankings: August 12th

The post Montreal rankings are up. Rafa and Wawrinka have moved up a spot while Raonic has jumped up three.

Rankings: July 8th 3

Rankings: July 8th

The post-Wimbledon rankings are up! Rafa and Daveeed move up one, Fed falls two and Del Potro and Tsonga switch places. It’s as weird seeing Federer ranked 5 as it was seeing Rafa there.

Rankings: June 17th 7

Rankings: June 17th

The new rankings are up. There was no movement in the top ten. These are the rankings that will be used in determining the Wimbledon rankings.