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MC: 2nd round videos 2

MC: 2nd round videos

Highlights, Spanish on-court interview and presser excerpts from Rafa’s 2nd round match.

Chema Moya (Efe) 2

RafaLint: April 2nd

From signing with Banco Sabadell to watching footie – today generated a lot of lint.

Miami: Final videos 7

Miami: Final videos

Match highlights, match point, Rafa’s amazing winner, trophy speech and presser – videos related to the Miami final.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images 0

RafaLint: March 26th

Not a lot of lint today, but you’ll want to see Rafa’s post-4th round match interview.

Miami: 3rd round presser 0

Miami: 3rd round presser

Looks like in addition to short matches, Rafa’s opting for short pressers this week…or people can’t think of random questions to ask him.