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RafaLint: January 13th

Today’s topics: a beautifully laid out piece in El Pais, the surface debate continues and Rafa keeps practicing.

RafaLint: January 11th

Wow, it’s really almost here – the first slam of the year. Rafa’s half will start Tuesday, we we have a bit longer to wait for RafaTennis. This post is even more jumbled than...

AO: Another day, another practice session

Rafa was out sweating way through another practice session today. This time, he has a bandage on his racket hand. Blisters? Something to help deal with the sweat? I just hope he didn’t attempt...

Photo by Beth Wilson


In an article in Saturday’s Times (UK), Neil Harman talks with Rafa: Rafael Nadal strikes the perfect life balance to have fun and games.

Video: ESPN looks back on the 2012 AO Final

This match. This insane match. It could only end in heartbreak for one player and one set of fans. Sadly for us, the heartbreak was on Rafa’s side this time. But this match is...