This site is totally and completely unofficial

If you want to see Rafa’s official site, go here. If you are trying to get in touch with Rafa and his team, I can’t help you. I’m sorry. I don’t have contact with them myself.

Attention Photo Agencies

If someone contacts you claiming to be from my site and buying photos, it’s not legit. No one named Lorenz is associated with my site. He’s attempted to purchase photos from various agencies using my site as a reference. I know of at least one occasion where false credit card information was given. If there’s any question about a request, feel free to contact me.


The Nadal News Manifesto

We don’t believe that off-topic comments are a good thing, but love it when you join in conversations that are actually about the post being commented upon.

We don’t think we know better than Rafa and his team when it comes to his scheduling or game (even if we like to talk about it from time to time).

We don’t think Rafa’s so good and holy that his shit don’t stink – he’s a genuinely lovely, kind-hearted person who we admire, but he’s not Mother Theresa (who had her own flaws, but that’s off topic).

We have respect for all the players as professionals, not as little toys for the fans to play with or belittle with mean nicknames (although, we do treat them as objects of lust from time to time…okay, often).

We feel that people with public jobs still have a right to privacy and thus will not feature or link to paparazzi or stalkerazzi photos or speculate about private lives.

We don’t give a crap about sleeves or the lack there of (but retain the right to occasionally complain about really ugly shorts).

While our lives might occasionally revolve a bit too much around Rafa, we are under no delusion that the opposite is true.

We aren’t so caught up on being popular and/or need to be liked that we won’t tell you to go to other sites if you don’t agree with all of the above.