Rafa to play Buenos Aires

AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano

AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano

Rafa has accepted a wildcard into the Argentina Open. Is an article on the ATP site, Rafa is quoted as saying:

“I want to thank the organisers of the Argentina Open for giving me this wild card to play in Buenos Aires. The times that I’ve played in Argentina have been special and full of good memories because the people are some of the best in the world.

“I asked for this wild card after the bad result in Melbourne and I hope that Buenos Aires will once again be the start of a good run for me. I will try my best to make sure it is.”

The tournament starts next week and will feature a strong player field including David Ferrer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, and John Isner.

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  1. Cowboyal says:

    Come on Nadal – get your mojo back!!!

    The Australian Open was a really big missed opportunity! His draw was very good and he really should have gone far in the tournament.

    Murray actually was not playing that great and in the final Djokovic didn’t really play that well either! Murray really should have done better.

    If Nadal had got through the first round and his confidence had improved as the tournament went along, he would have had a really good shot at the title.

    So come Rafa – come back!!!!

    • TennisMenace says:

      Nadal won the wooden spoon at the Australian Open, which means he was the first in a sequence of seven players who lost immediately after they beat their predecessor. Nadal lost to Verdasco who, in the next match, lost to Sela who lost to Kuznetsov who lost to Monfils who lost to Raonic who lost the Murray who lost too. I don’t know what can be concluded from this, other than that the increase in difficulty from round to round looked manageable. Does that mean he would have had a shot at the title? Who knows, but I don’t believe it given the way he played against Verdasco even in the sets he won.
      I do agree however that Djokovic didn’t look at his best in the final, and I thought Murray missed the chance to make his fifth opportunity count at all costs. Unlike Kerber he didn’t manage to excel himself when the otherwise favorable opposition showed some weakness. Too bad for Andy.

      • Cowboyal says:

        Don’t get me wrong – Nadal played a terrible match against Verdasco. Even if he had managed to come through, it would have been a bad performance.

        However, if he had managed to come through, I think that would have helped his confidence and he may have started playing better in the next round.

        From the second round on, the first opponent of note he would have come up against would have been Raonic. I personally don’t believe Raonic is that good. Also Nadal did beat him in straight sets just a few weeks ago – so that would have been winnable.

        In the semifinal he would have had Murray – who as I stated in my first post was not playing that well. If not for the injury to Raonic I am not sure he would have won his semifinal. Also Nadal did beat Murray in straight sets at the end of last year – so this too would again have been winnable.

        Then we would have come up against the Djokovic problem. Now I could write an essay on this but I won’t! I will however say that after the first two sets against Federer, Djokovic really didn’t play that well afterwards for the rest of the tournament.

        Federer actually had very good chances to break Djokovic in his first two service games at the beginning of the 4th set, however Federer let those chances slip by making a lot of unforced errors.

        In the final, Djokovic played a poor 2nd and 3rd set – especially the 2nd set. What got him through was Murray even playing worse!

        Again I am not saying that Nadal would definitely have won, but if he had made it through the first round and his confidence had increased round by round, then he would have had a realistic shot of winning the title – a much better chance than it seemed at the start of the tournament.

        Alas, he played very badly and didn’t even make it through the first round. To me, this is a big opportunity lost.

        I have a number of theories on why Nadal is playing badly but have grown tired of writing long emails trying to explain them, simply because from the outside it is impossible to know exactly what the source of the problem is – is it a mental problem or a physical decline.

        It is fruitless to make tactical suggestions without knowing what the source of the problem is.

        However, if by some miracle he does get his form back, then he has a very good chance of doing well again as I have seen enough from the others to show me that they are not in fact light years ahead of him.

        I am hoping this tournament is a start………

    • miri says:

      Currently wondering if Buenos Aires has moved to Australia… (in other words, comments about AO go in the AO match post. Comments about BA go here. Thanks.)

    • Roxitova says:

      Djok didn’t play that well in the final??? Are you out of your mind????
      I love Rafa to the ends of the eaath, but he wouldn’t have stood a chance against Djok, he would’ve been destroyed the same way Fed andMurray were.

      Rafa will do well to get the upper hand with Murray and Fed, nevermind Djok. Djok is in a class by himself right now and anyone who thinks otherwise is either fooling themselves or doesn’t understand tennis.

  2. Aero says:

    While it will be nice to check out his form on clay, however, it will not be without a challenge. Ferrer, Tsonga, Dolgo and Verdasco all have the potential of beating him not to mention the likes of Isner and Sock being in the mix. Nevertheless, it’s still only a 250 event so a good barometer. If he can’t defend his title here, there will be an even bigger question mark on his form going forward than with his last loss.

  3. Elizabeth Howard says:

    Melbourne is over, so let us focus on the future. Wishing Rafael good results in South Americas.

  4. Looking forward to seeing Rafa in BA. Been missing him.

  5. Jessi888 says:

    Time to rejuvenate, regroup and get that magic mojo back! Refrain from wearing pink all year, please. Rafa’s back!

    • SAM12 says:

      Yes Pink is not a good omen for Rafa. Lets hope AO was a slip and Rafa must have learnt a lot from his performance in that. It must have also given him extra charge in his battery and more time to work on the stuff he started at the end of last year and beginning of this year. I really don’t care about winning or loosing at this stage of his career but just no matter what happens I like to see an awesome performance from him and confidence back. If that happens we can really enjoy his matches as he is one of only a handful of players who is so street smart and very intelligent on a tennis court. All the best Rafa.

  6. mallorcanchamp says:

    Playing on clay always been where confidence in his game starts “fertilizing” the most. Sopot 2004 to start winning titles, MC 2005 for an 11-title season. MC 2010 to finish the trophy drought of 2009. South american clay swing in 2013 to start a magical season. It’s been a constant in his career, so here comes another opportunity to find himself on a clay court again. It’s the confidence he gains on clay that he later transfers to other surfaces to play his best game.

    Now more than ever he needs to be at 100% mentally, physical condition and defensive abilities won’t ever be the same as in 2013 or before, so he needs to cut down the off days, bring back the consistency in the day-to-day basis of any tournament. He’s not able to play all-time great defense to block an inspired opponent or to make up for an off day in his game It’s time to show veteran skills for Rafa and hopefully he can also gain some defensive form on clay where the game plays slower.

    It’s been too many blows we took along with Rafa this last year and a half for what we where used to, but I still stick with him by any circumstance or team, no matter how many times he falls or how bad those losses result.