Sydney: Fast 4 Tennis

Not long after landing in Sydney, Rafa took part in a Fast 4 Tennis exhibition. He played singles against Hewitt and then teamed with Monfils to play Hewitt/Kyrgios in doubles. (He lost the singles, but won the doubles.)

Andy Cheung of ArcK Photography & Printing sent in some photos for me to share with you guys. Thanks, Andy!

Photos by Andy Cheung/ArcK Images

Here’s a video of some highlights from the singles:

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And here’s the full singles exo:

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Doubles exo:

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Quick promo interview for the event:

Post-match interview:

Oh, Rafa….couldn’t remember Wilander’s name!

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Lastly, here’s more photos on Zimbio.

2 Responses

  1. Rob says:

    Most of the time he looks very happy which is nice to see. He also looks much healthier than last year.

  2. Elizabeth Howard says:

    Funny that Rafael couldn’t recall Mats name, put it down to jetlag! Mats has a fine big ego so no harm to take him down a peg.