IPTL: Aces vs. Royals videos

The Aces dominated winning each set and taking the match 30-18. They are in first place.

Player introductions:

Nadal/Dodig vs Nestor/Berdych full match:

Nadal/Dodig vs Nestor/Berdych Highlights:

Is Rafa happy at the end that he “can’t lose the match” because they are far enough ahead? Heh. And don’t leave Sania hanging, Rafa! Take the darn water.

Rafa vs. Berdych – full match:

Rafa vs. Berdych highlights:

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Point of the match (men’s doubles set):

Point of the match (men’s singles set):

Post-match interview:

Day 5 highlights:

Last four videos posted by IPTL.