RafaLint: November 19th

Rafa plays “Either Or”

Do NOT make this man decide! Actually, go ahead try to because it’s adorable.

  • Resurgent Nadal Making It Look Simple Again – Reuters via nytimes.com

    “When I hit the ball and I know the ball will go in, when I don’t think about how to hit the ball, when I think just about where to hit it, that’s good news.

    “This year, I’ve been worried about how to hit the ball, not to miss, rather than hit the ball where I can damage the opponent. I have been more worried about myself than the opponents for a lot of matches. Like that it’s impossible to compete at the highest level.

    “Today I feel free. That means I’m happy.”

  • Nadal Surges Past Murray For 60th Win Of Season – via atpworldtour.com

    “It is an important victory, because that put me in a good position to try to be in the semi-finals, and at the same time I have had a big day against a great player on a tough surface,” said Nadal. “I’m just happy the way that I played today, happy the way I was working. Just another step for me be able to play at that level, against such a great player, is good news. Happy for that. Just want to try to keep working the same way to keep confirming that I am in the completely right direction.”

  • Turning Another Corner – by Steve Tignor (tennis.com)

    As he moves into his 30s—he’ll turn the Big 3-0 next June—will we look back on Nadal’s 2015 the way we look back on Roger Federer’s 2010-2011 seasons: Not as a sign of immediate decline, but as the year when a great player learned to win without all the glorious physical gifts of youth?

    If Rafa keeps executing his tactics—”to play very well,” as he said on Wednesday—as thoroughly as he did against Murray, the answer should be yes.

  • Brain Game: Nadal Wins Backhand Battle – by Craig O’Shannessy (atpworldtour.com)

    Nadal has been missing from the top of the leaderboard in 2015, but his form here in the first two matches suggests he will be a force to be reckoned with in 2016.

    Nadal’s energy, confidence, and patterns of play are rapidly returning to a level that can once again be the benchmark at the elite level of our sport.

  • Nadal’s a Big Threat Again, Says Federer and Djokovic – Reuters via nytimes.com

    “Maybe for his standard it’s not the best season. What is he going to finish, top five? It’s still a good season,” said the Swiss. “Everybody would take that except maybe a few players at this tournament. The rest would all love to be in his shoes.

    “I think he’s going to get stronger. With some time to practice and reassess his game, he’s going to be tough to beat in Australia. I believe that.”

  • Con Eles aprende con Rafa Nadal – via farodevigo.es. Story about the work Rafa’s foundation is doing with Special Olympics. (mangle)


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2 Responses

  1. beachfan says:

    As a Rafa fan, it has certainly been more enjoyable to read the press these days. I do not know what will happen on Saturday. I would love a win, of course, but a tight match would also be real progress. The “either or” is adorable!

  2. Interesting that the only either/or on which Rafa was quickly decisive was Wimbledon 08 vs RG 05. (Well, really, who wouldn’t pick the Greatest Match Ever? But young Rafa at RG….he WAS adorable).