WTF: Round Robin 2 match videos

In the tunnel and pre-match interview.

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Most of the match:

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Another highlight reel:

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On court post-match interview:

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Rafa at the SkyPad talking about the match:

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Post-match interview for the ATP:

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3 Responses

  1. I get kick out of Mark Petchey and the SkyPad analysis. “Rafa, do you remember this shot?” LOL! Right after a match? I’d bet that with a little effort Rafa could reconstruct the entire match for him point by point.

  2. Jessi888 says:

    OMG!!?!! Did you see Rafa’s interview on this skysport skypad thingy? How adorable, humble and charming is our Champ?!! Soooo cute and smart and natural in his responses. Love him! Rafa is really the best!

  3. Krishna says:

    Not that I am countering you guys here, but Rafa is sometimes too humble and it leaves him unable to analyze the points in a way that I have seen Djoker or Roger do. I always felt like they do a much better job of keeping it straight and express their opinions, while Rafa tries a bit too hard to not sound over boastful and thus under analyzes his shots and points. Of course in the above video Rafa seems to have done a much better job of it… :)