WTF: Interview for Movistar+

Rafa gave an interview to the guys as Movistar+ and, once again, Genny translated.

(Video posted by closer_sr.)


They start saying that in his 1st practice Rafa worked specially on his serve and on returning with pace while staying as close to the baseline as possible.

Rafa says he has the motivation to go on playing with the good feelings he’s had in last month and a half and continues with the good evolution. He insists both the week of practice and tournament itself is practice for 2016, as it’ll help to identify what to work on to be competitive.

Rafa says he feels he’s playing quite OK. They’re playing on difficult surface for him and on which he’s had quite bad loses historically. He thinks recovery of level is in a positive stage, which doesn’t mean he can’t lose all 3 matches – that already happened in past while being #2. That’s not the point. The point is that he feels more and more comfortable on court, which is very important for him to feel calm and confident and thus be able to compete. This hasn’t happened in quite a few matches this season, but in the end he’s in London as #5 and if despite all has happened he’s able to end the season in the top 5/6/7 it’ll mean he still has level high enough as to think next year he can compete for the important titles. That’s his motivation to go on working in the way he’s doing. His healthy body’s allowing him to work a lot, but above all, what’s making the difference for him to be able to apply in competition what he does in practice is not to have nerves/anxiety on court. That allows him to enjoy the practice sessions & the matches, which is very important when you have to compete with the best players.

3 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Howard says:

    All support to Rafael in his first match this evening. I was interested to read comments from Pat Cash who said he had analysed Rafael’s game and if asked, could help. Cash said that he is particularly good at breaking down a player’s game and analysing the strengths and areas of weakness. Interesting.

    • Aero says:

      Nice to see other ex-pros willing to help though I’d rather see someone like Agassi couch since he is a multiple GS winner and a former No 1. He also has strengths which could really help Rafa’s game. I think his return of serve game was second to none, before Djokovic’s arrival.

  2. JayDee50 says:

    Thank you so much once again Genny. It’s so appreciated to have a correctly translated version of Rafa’s own words for those of us Spanish-challenged fans.

    All sounding positive, hopefully will remain so.