Documentary: Rafa Nadal Tour

RTVE aired a documentary on the Rafa Nadal Tour this week. And, again, Genny stepped up to live tweet/translate while SitTanyusha recorded it, and Inés joined in with some screen caps.

You can watch the official version of the documentary here on the RTVE site. If that doesn’t work for you, here’s a YouTube version.

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Live translations by Genny:

The documentary starts with a description of the Rafa Nadal Tour: how many tournaments & where are played… plus paying attention to values. For the kids the fact that this tour is named after Rafa means a lot… They admire him for his fight, his passion… he’s their reference!

Rafa’s asked about the 2015 season…Rafa says he’s had to live new things, things he had never lived before. He hasn’t lost the motivation. He hasn’t had the control of himself, of his emotions, but he’s never lost the motivation… and now he’s overcome all those problems.

Both Rafa & his mom are talking about the projects of the foundation. They mention that apart from India, which most of people know about, they have other projects in Spain, especially the one they’ve recently opened in Mallorca to help kids in risk of social exclusion.

Kids & parents talking about the good things they’re getting through the practice of tennis.

Coaches talk about how the crisis has made many tournies to disappear & thus they’re very thankful to Rafa for this big tour he’s created.

Carlos asks Rafa how old Rafa was when he played his 1st tournament… Rafa answers: seven years old! :D

The girl asks when was the 1st tournament Rafa won. Rafa says it was one a tournament in Mallorca & he was 8 years old

The 3rd question is what Rafa felt when he won all four GS… Rafa says nothing special for being the four

I’ve forgotten the next question… the following was if he would have liked to play the RNTour when he was a kid. Obviously, he would have!

Rafa can’t say what you feel when you win 9 RGs… he can tell what you feel when you win one at a time! :)

One of the organizers tells that this year the kids have participated in the “values tournament” much more than last year. One of the coaches of values says that Rafa is the ideal model & they hardly have to say anything. Rafa makes easy to “teach” the values.

Rafa’s asked if he could start his career again what would he change… he says it’s obvious he could change things but doesn’t say what :)

Then Rafa’s asked why he changed from being righty to lefty. Rafa explains ONCE AGAIN that this wasn’t a choice. It came naturally

Rafa watching himself from when he was a kid… Rafa says playing football was more fun because you play in a team, but he knows being tennis player was the right choice. :D

Some parents talking about how priority for now are the studies. Tennis just a complement, at least for now.

The girl talking now has Serena as reference :)

Apparently, the kids talking now are the champions of this year’s tour.

Rafa’s mom says that for the moment they don’t want to add many more cities to the tour. They want to make things well & solidly.

Rafa says next year the master of the RNTour will be played in the RN Academy. They’re very excited about it.

Rafa finally talks about 2016: he wants to start it well & strongly. The fact that it’s a Olympic year just adds motivation to try his best

Kids talking about his tennis idols LOL 1 of the girls felt a bit ashamed ’cause hers is Roger! :D For another it was a mixture of ND+RN+RF

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  1. Elizabeth Howard says:

    What a fantastic initiative, involving young people in sport, integration, enjoyment and learning the values that prevail throughout life. I wonder if we are looking at future champions? Lovely to see his mother so involved.