2016 Calendar – help!

Beth Wilson

Photo by Beth Wilson

Oh my goodness. I haven’t made the 2016 calendar yet and it’s almost midway through November. Okay, I need to do this. But can you guys give me some help? Can you let me know if there are any photos of Rafa I took from this year that you’d really like to see end up in the calendar? I can’t promise your choices will end up in the final version, but I’d like to include ones I know people like.

Here’s what you have to choose from:

There are issues with a lot of my photos for printing – too often I was stuck either too far away for my non-super-zoom lens and/or I was shooting at night in bad light. But…this is what we have to work with for this year.

(Next: see if I can come up with something other than the usual/boring layout/design.)

9 Responses

  1. kemannin says:

    So many of these are so fabulous! And NOTHING usual/boring about your layout! Can’t wait!

  2. beachfan says:

    Miri, I trust you completely to make these selections. There are so many wonderful photos to choose from. Thank you again for all that you do to provide us with more information on our favorite champion!

  3. sia says:

    It was such a treat to go through your photos!! I faved a bunch. So very hard to choose. This year there some great colours to work with :) but my favourite calendar is still the B&W one from a couple of years ago.

  4. Roxitova says:

    Too many wonderful pix to choose from.
    I love the press conference–have never seen so many interesting, expressive facial expressions on one person! You only see this in the stills.
    Also, I notice how much he seems to be laughing in the practice sessions. Glad to see he is still thoroughly enjoying himself.
    Miri, I would love to see a piece from you about how you manage to go to all these tournaments, and the history of your devotion to Rafa.

  5. Lizipsa says:

    This is such a chore searching through all these pics again and again!!! (I don’t think). The practice ones are much more relaxed (naturally) and I love the peeping tongue. I’ll just have another look ……

  6. Susanna728 says:

    Wow. Miri, what’s the best way to identify the ones we would like?

  7. Dolores says:

    As someone mentioned, the press conference photos show the many Rafa expressions. How about featuring his expressions? Maybe a composite on one page ?