RafaLint: November 9th

Photo by Beth Wilson

Photo by Beth Wilson

This is kind of fun: Tennis Visuals.

And more visual stats: Surface tension in tennis.

  • Stan Sets Novak Clash – via atpworldtour.com
  • The Other Side of Paris – by Steve Tignor

    These weren’t workmanlike shots; they were filled with the confidence of instinct. When Nadal’s last inside-out forehand went for a winner on match point, he looked up to the sky—or the roof, anyway—as if to say, “Finally, the tennis gods let me have my game back.”

    Rafa’s game could go away again; he’s played a lot of tennis over the last two weeks, and by the time you read this, he may have lost to Wawrinka. But seeing a little of the magic of old, it made me wonder about the effects that age has had on Nadal. Maybe next year we’ll look back and realize that age didn’t lower his top level, so much as it simply slowed his return to it.

  • ‘A fit Rafa still Novak’s toughest opponent’ – by Rohan Alvares (indiatimes.com)

    “It’s been said Rafa’s not had a good year, but it hasn’t been said that despite his problems this year, he is still ranked No.6,” Corretja, who will feature for Nagpur Orangers in the second edition of the Champions Tennis League, told TOI on Thursday. “It means once he’s healthy and gets back to winning matches, the confidence will return.”

  • Nadal: “Perdí la seguridad en mí mismo” – via cadenaser.com (mangle)
  • Nadal: “Este año mi lesión ha sido mental” – via efe.com (mangle)


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