Rafa for Banco Sabadell: Part 2 [Updated]

Rafa attended another event for Banco Sabadell today. Once again, they were kind enough to stream and archive it, and Genny was kind enough to live tweet translate it. That’s a lot of kindness and hard work right there.

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Genny added this today –

I’ve been re-watching Banc Sabadell’s event & can’t stop laughing at what, in my view, is the best moment of the event: Rafa struggling to take off / put on his jacket. At that point, the interview was still being conducted in Catalan & hence yesterday I wasn’t able to live-tweet-translate it. Now that I’ve listened to that part a few times, I can provide you w/a summary of it. Another great Rafa-gem!

Around 19:30 Rafa’s microphone starts to fail, making very weird noises. The announcer asks for a new one. Rafa jokes saying he’s made this happen on purpose because he was quite uncomfortable wearing that kind of mic. In fact, a similar one is brought, but he doesn’t want it.

He _has_to_be_told_ to take the jacket off, so that the mic is removed more easily LOL. Then, the process to put the jacket on again starts. The announcer tells him he’d surely be more comfortable without it, but seeing the difficulties Rafa’s going thru, offers him his help and adds: “what a notable show we’re offering”. The whole auditorium cracks up. Rafa says “this is also a place to show [theatre] plays”. More LOL’s.

The announcer, smiling while Rafa fights his jacket, says: “this was supposed to be a serious interview”. The struggle continues and the announcer adds: “Are you sure you can…?” and decides to approach Rafa & help him finish to put the jacket on. Nobody can stop laughing. The announcer then says: “tennis has no secrets for you but the jackets, dude…” Rafa mentions his deal with Tommy Hilfiger’s jackets/suits, but the announcer quickly points out: “Excuse me, but the most known item in the deal w/Tommy Hilfiger are not the jackets and you know it”. Rafa acts as if he doesn’t know what the announcer’s talking about and, while grinning ear to ear, says “I don’t know, I don’t know”. The announcer then says “how you don’t know, you don’t know? I’m gonna ask M.F. when we finish [this event]” and they went on w/the interview.

Live translations by Genny:

Guys, today the Banc Sabadell event is in Catalan and I can’t make a live translation. I understand most of what it said, but not every word.

I may tweet something it’s interesting. So far he’s been asked about the importance of the family & memories from when he was a kid.

Rafa: “We are from a small place where the human relationships are closer than in a big city”

YAY! The announcer has decided that it’s better to speak in Spanish because they’re aware people around the world are watching!

Rafa’s asked how he decided to become a tennis player. Rafa says he was doing more things but at a certain point he had to choose & tennis seemed to be where he was doing best. He’s now asked if it’s easy to practice professional sport nowadays, that is, combine studies & sports. The question serves as an introduction to bring the Rada Nadal academy into the conversation. How they’re trying to combine studies and sports.

Someone’s asked the importance of genetics to become a professional athlete… Rafa says he thinks there is a minimum that can come this way, but then things can be improved thanks to work and effort. Rafa cites as an example, Fed and Novak: they’re not done simply by working.

There are we go again… he’s asked about the “strange” season he’s had. Rafa’s recalling what’s the origin of this season’s problems: that is, the physical issues he had in 2014. He mentions how difficult it was for him to overcome the back problem after the AO final. And just when he was overcoming it, playing well again, he had the wrist issue and the appendicitis…the problem of not trusting your own body. After all that, we get to 2015 and he admits the issue this year has been a mental problem.He kids about it saying that instead of an injury in the knees, the back or any other place, he’s had a mental injury & he has no problem in talking about it. Jokes apart, he says he hasn’t been able to control himself or the situation. He says that everybody has nerves, but the nerves should never prevent from taking decisions and/or executing them and that’s exactly what has happened to him this year: many times the anxiety prevented him to take the right decision or execute the shot he wanted to do it. The anxiety prevented him from competing/fighting as always. He mentions how now that the anxiety is gone, he’s been able to fight and have the comebacks he’s had in the last matches he’s played. The mental strength wasn’t gone, he simply couldn’t use it in the first months of the season, but he’s now able to use it again.

Apparently someone has asked why his serve is not better… Rafa says it may not be very good, but comparing to the one he had in 2005 it’s undeniable that his serve has evolved and improved. He mentions how being righty in real life and lefty in tennis doesn’t help him. Still working on it… will always work and look for solutions as he’s done his whole career.

He’s told if tennis is changing towards players who have a big serve. Rafa says yes but….enumerates the top-8 to show that still the best are the same and that other tennis is not “there” yet.

Rafa’s now asked what does it mean to move the bottles at changeovers. Rafa laughs and says at least he’s not asked about picking the shorts. Everybody laughs, even more when Rafa says that picking the shorts has NO solution, the bottles yes..although they haven’t found it yet! LOL. Jokes apart, Rafa explains again how all these routines serve him to focus. He says he’s had different kinds of routines in his career…and he says he’s now in the process of “quitting” them or better, having less routines. He used not to step on lines, and now he does step on them. He used to choose receive and now he chooses to serve. He’s making changes…but picking the short has no solution, he repeats. :D

Rafa’s asked if he believes he can still win more GS. Rafa says if he didn’t think so, tomorrow he would go fishing instead of traveling to London to prepare the WTF. He’s asked if ND can be defeated. Rafa says that for now it doesn’t seem so, but you never know. Asked about what to expect from WTF. Rafa says that early in the year if he had been asked what a good result in London would be, he’d have said to be there. Now things have changed & he’s not saying he can win because other years when he arrived in better conditions couldn’t do it so this year should be more difficult, but at least he’s convinced that he can compete and he’ll try to do as best as possible.

Again, Rafa’s asked if any time during the season he’s thought of giving up or changing his team…OK, I’ll spare you the answer. We KNOW IT!

The Olympic Games are mentioned again… this sounds more like a repeat of some of the questions we heard in the other event in Barcelona. Rafa’s answering essentially the same as in the other event…So, I’ll skip this… if he says anything different, I’ll add it.

Next question is also known: how Rafa’s been linked to Banc Sabadell since he was born through his aunt, who works in Banc Sabadell.

Rafa’s asked if he’s aware of his financial stuff. He says he’s quite aware, every time more. His dad takes care of them and keeps him informed.

The announcer’s reading questions…when is he going to get married? he says they already talked about that in Valencia and skips it.

Another question, how many children he’ll have, 5 or 8? and Rafa answers.. or TEN!! and laughs ;)

Rafa’s asked if he has time to visit the cities when he’s on tour. He says they don’t have much time. Talking about cities he likes… He loves Paris. No need to “go to visit places in Paris”, just walking around is enough to love it. He likes Rome, London, Sydney, Melbourne. About New York he says you have to visit it, but he prefers European cities.

Uncle Miguel Angel comes in… but he asks in Catalan and talking TOO FAST and low for me…I can understand Rafa much better…

Rafa’s saying he’s satisfied with how things are going in this last part of the season. He doesn’t think he’s as good as not to accept the problems he’s had to face this season and continue working, as he’s always done.

What? I think they had a pending bet on a golf course and wanted the aunt to certify the transfer…or something! I’m not sure, but it’s been lovely to see how everybody laughed at it! :D The event is over. Rafa receives a standing ovation. The auditorium’s been packed! The 1st speaker of the event has said Rafa has a huge convening power. There was NO FREE SEAT in the auditorium. Everybody wanted to be there!


3 Responses

  1. JayDee50 says:

    Gracias Genny! You are so good to us and we truly appreciate your efforts.

    All that Rafa has said confirms what I’ve thought and said all along; his current situation stems from the AO 14 Final, which must have destroyed his competitive heart. Add on a wrist injury and appendicitis and the situation snowballed to affect his nerves and confidence. He says that things are better now, I truly honestly hope so.

  2. Francine says:

    Thanks a million Genny!
    As JayDee50, and Miri a few weeks ago, I also remember AO14 – I can only imagine his deception at the time. Following this final how can you be confident when you do not know what and when another part of your body will give out!?

    He will turn the page, close the books in London and welcome 2016 Yea!

  3. Many big thanks Genny.