RafaLint: November 4th

Rafa’s scheduled for the last slot on central court tomorrow where he’ll play Kevin Anderson.

Post 2nd round match interview:

Posted by Nadal Power.

  • Rafa Rolls at BNP Paribas Masters – via atpworldtour.com

    “I didn’t prepare differently,” said Nadal of facing Rosol in back-to-back weeks. “It was just another match, a tough match against a difficult player. He’s always tough, but I was playing much better than I did last week in the first round. I played a solid match, not many mistakes. I served well and went for the points with my forehand.”

  • Federer and Nadal mow down opening opponents in Paris – by Bill Scott (dpa)

    “Honestly, always for everybody, the victories are the best medicine possible,” said Nadal, who has spent much of the season working to regain form after a dismal first half to the campaign.

    “The big improvement and big confidence is when I am able to find solutions again. I’m able to think what I can do to change the dynamic and to fight the way that I am fighting again. That’s the most important thing for me.”

  • Federer, Nadal impress in Paris – by Allan Kelly (AFP)
  • Duelo con pasado y futuro by Sebastián Fest | canchallena.com Cute Fedal story at the start. (mangle)



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