Basel: The draws

REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

Photo by REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

The doubles and singles draws were performed in Basel today. In singles, Rafa will open against Lukas Rosol. Cilic is the other seed in his quarter while Gasquet and Wawrinka are the seeds in the rest of his half. Seeds in the other half are Federer, Isner, Anderson and Goffin.

In doubles, Rafa will team with Marc Lopez. (Yes, Team Cuteness rides again!) Their first opponents will be Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki – man, that sounds like a fun, tight match.

Links to the draws
Singles: pdf; html
Doubles: pdf; html

6 Responses

  1. arthur says:

    Not a bad draw actually. I know Lucas Rosol will always be a player that’ll make some Rafa fans very nervous, but I think Rafa should beat him comfortably if he plays like he did in Beijing and Shanghai. Plus Rafa’s beaten him twice since Wimby 12, so I think the mental baggage surrounding Rosol will have lessened somewhat.

    There’s actually no pressure with this tournament whatsoever. Because Rafa already has 6 non mandatory tournaments making up his overall ranking, losing early wouldn’t affect his ranking points at all – it would just go straight into his non countable tournament count. In fact, he can only add points at all in Basel if he gets to the final or wins, as then Basel would replace Rio in his non mandatory tournament count. Plus he’s already qualified for London, so there’s no worries where the Race ranking is concerned.

    Oh and it’s great to see Rafa and Marc playing doubles again. All in all, should be a fun week.

  2. Elizabeth Howard says:

    Rafael has Rosel’s measure so expect a win. Lovely to see him back playing doubles too.

  3. beachfan says:

    I still get nervous when I hear Rosol’s name, but I agree that Rafa has little pressure in this tournament. I would still, of course, like to see him go deep since it would continue to build his confidence.

  4. Aero says:

    He shouldn’t have a problem with Rosol. I’m more concerned about his possible second round match up against Dimitrov. However, there is a very positive article (link below), Rafa seems really motivated which is great to hear!

    • arthur says:

      Dimitrov can be difficult, I agree. But he hasn’t played great this year and lost quite easily last week in Stockholm. Plus Rafa has beaten him already this year (in Madrid), so I can see Rafa pulling through.

  5. Caprice says:

    I watched the last set only, and given the surface against an opponent who always made him work, it would have been a big surprise to me to see Rafa win comfortably.

    This match, I think, is an excellent indicator of where Rafa’s mental state is at. To win very close matches like this, to find a way to win when he was within just 2 games of a straight set knockout loss is reminiscent of vintage Rafa and how he used to be famous for eking out impossible victories time and time again in his career.

    Rosol does not choke, he swings freely and has no fear of Rafa, so all the more credit to Rafa.