London Bound

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Rafa has qualified for the World Tour Final for the 11th consecutive year. In other words, a so-called sucky year for him is one that every player on the tour (minus 7 other guys) would love to have.

More information on the WTF site.

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  1. JayDee50 says:

    So happy for him! It was his goal to qualify and he achieved it. Happy for me too as I bought tickets way back in February and now I’ll get to see him play. Happy days :)

    • Aero says:

      Good for you mate, my sis bought tickets for last year just to see him and he didn’t play! We have them for IW next year so hopefully he’ll be there. Enjoy!

      • JayDee50 says:

        I bought tickets for last year too; when he withdrew I sold them and made a small profit. Best decision I ever made as the matches were a real disappointment.

    • marileena says:

      It’s so great to watch him play “in person”. Enjoyyyyy the match!!

  2. Happy for both of you and for every tennis fan. We get to see the most exciting player in the world “be there”.

  3. Aero says:

    Its great that he made it. Not his forte so not expecting anything special from him there, however, it will be good for lifting his spirit. 11 consecutive years is quite an achievement!

  4. harry houdini says:

    Would love to see rafa vs. murray, federer, berdych here. Especially murray.

  5. crossy says:

    Congratulations to Rafa for reaching his goal of qualifying for the O2. I managed to get tickets this week so am really excited that I will get to see him play. Like Aero’s sister I bought tickets last year and he didn’t play so am really looking forward to seeing him this year. Fingers crossed Aero that he is fit and well for IW. Vamos Rafa!!!

  6. SammyT says:

    Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I almost didn’t want him to qualify. Being that the WTF are played on his least favorite surface (he never had great results there, even when he was top ranked) and the tremendous difficulty he’s having this year to beat the top players, the last thing I’d want to see is for him to be trounced in straight sets in all his matches there.

    Having said that, he did show some signs of resurgence during his two weeks in China, so hopefully he’ll carry some of that momentum to London and post decent results there.

    • arthur says:

      It was EXTREMELY important that Rafa qualified for this tournament. If he hadn’t, he’d have ended the year outside the Top 8, meaning he almost certainly wouldn’t be seeded in the Top 8 for the Australian Open next year. That would have been a disaster.

      • SammyT says:

        I’m EXTREMELY aware of that, but I’m talking from the perspective of the beating his already fragile confidence may get if he’s crushed in his matches at the WTF. With low confidence, being ranked in the top 8 wouldn’t mean diddly squat since he’ll continue to lose to the Lopez’s and Fognini’s of the tennis world. That would be an even bigger disaster; let’s hope it doesn’t happen!

        • arthur says:

          You are conveniently ignoring the fact that Rafa’s confidence seemed to be much improved in Beijing and Shanghai. He beat Raonic and Wawrinka back to back, so there’s definitely some players he could beat at the WTF – suggesting it’d be a “humiliation” for Rafa to play WTF is unfounded imo. Plus he beat Fognini in straight sets in Beijing, so I don’t see why he needs to keep being mentioned.

          And I’m sorry, but even with low confidence, being ranked in the Top 8 still means everything. If Rafa wants to start a clean slate next year, he can’t meet players like Novak Djokovic as early as the Fourth Round. That would be a disaster, and he’d start the year by losing points, as he made the QFs at AO this year.

          You say you’re EXTREMELY aware how important it is for Rafa to be in the Top 8 at Oz, then you go on to say that being in the Top 8 wouldn’t mean “diddly squat” if Rafa’s confidence is low – so it sounds, with all due respect, that you’re not at all aware of how important it is for Rafa to be in the Top 8. There’s no guarantee Rafa would make it out of the early rounds, put if he does, he can’t face the Top 4 earlier than the QFs. And like I said at the beginning of my reply, Rafa’s confidence seems much improved. Why the need to be so pessimistic?

          • SammyT says:

            There’s a big difference being being pessimistic and being realistic. And if you read my original message properly, you’ll see that Rafa’s recent resurgence was not ignored, whether conveniently or with .

            Again, the point I’m making is, while I’m EXTREMELY aware that not reaching the WTF would mean Rafa probably won’t be ranked in the top 8 come the AO (duh!), this doesn’t mean diddly squat if a potential thrashing in the WTF would further diminish Rafa’s already fragile confidence. See, there’s no benefit in avoiding to meet the top players till later rounds if he’s going to continue to have confidence issues and be beaten by Fognini-caliber players in the earlier rounds.

            All that said, and as I already implied in my original message, this is only my theory/concern about Rafa making the WTF and I certainly do hope I’ll be proven wrong! If you don’t agree with it, then we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    • RAFAFAN1 says:

      Never had good results at London WTF??? Isnt playing in finals good results??

    • JayDee50 says:

      Rafa has played twice in the Final at the WTFs; Murray, for example, has never achieved even that. Two Finals is not a bad result for a player whose game does not suit fast indoor hard courts.

  7. mallorcanchamp says:

    If seeds match, I want Federer, Murray and Ferrer in Rafa’s WTF group. I don’t care about results.

    Rafa at this point needs to get in the zone against the best players as good prep for 2016. He needs to remember the “language” he someday learnt but lately has forgotten: how to beat the best.

    He needs to face them again. No better opportunity than this tournament. At some point in this current season he probably missed so much not to play the matches that challenged him in the past. On the contrary, he got entangled against Fogninis and other second tier players.

    Rafa’s tennis “batteries” recharge on highest level competition. He loves the biggest challenge. That’s where his tennis has been living since 2005.

    It’s time to start recovering those feelings and get back the proper rhythm of rallying against the best baseliners again.

    The time is now.

    • harry houdini says:

      Exactly. Rafa’s a top 8 player and just like in 2009 he will be going to WTF in below normal form to see what’s going on. ;)

  8. CB says:

    There is absolutely no need for a debate — it is wonderful that Rafa has qualified for London!
    Period, end of discussion.