Shanghai: Quarterfinal videos


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Another highlight reel:

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Friday highlights:

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On-court interview (Spanish):

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Translation by Genny:

Journo1 congrats Rafa for the win in a match possibly different to what he was expecting & asks him to assess reaching SF & his performance

Rafa says the win means lots of points, important points ’cause last the whole year & serve to keep a good ranking & confirm he’ll be at WTF. Also, the most important thing, the general feeling that things are improving day by day. In last few months things have improved slowly but steadily. Last 2 weeks with F in Beijing & SF there are very positive & mean he’s doing things well. He thinks he’s played a great 1st set. The 2nd has been “strange” from Stan, but thinks it’s also part of the season, since at the end everybody’s more tired, but it’s a great win against one of the best players in the world that allows him to be in SF & hence, to be able to play/compete again in another match.

Journo2 tells Rafa he looks quite OK not only physically, but also with his FH & serve and asks him to tell us his feelings in this respect.

Rafa says the feeling is much better, above all, as far as not making many errors in a row is concerned. He’s serving well, the court’s fast & helps the ball to slide more. He thinks he’s losing less court, keeping his position forward. He’s happy w/his BH today. As far as the FH is concerned, he thinks it’s been together w/the mental problems, the biggest issue this season, but he feels he’s recovering it. He’s working very hard every day & wants to go on in this line, enjoy the SF & the fact he’s had 2 very positive weeks at this time of season. He feels he’s moving well, faster. He believes he moves faster ’cause he has to think less, as the automatisms are coming back in place.

Journo2 asks him about the next match against Tsonga. Rafa says Jo’s played a great match against a great rival like Anderson, so he expects a difficult match, as you can expect in any SF of a M1000. He’ll try his best to compete well, be ready to be aggressive not to give him court & allow him to hit his big FH comfortably. W/this in mind he’ll try to play his game, when Jo’s serve, which is also huge, allows him.


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In-studio interview:

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