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Another highlight reel:

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Post-match on-court interview (Spanish):

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Translation via Genny:

Journo1 tells Rafa that, as yesterday, it was a question of being patient to wait for his moment & he’s done it again. Rafa says today’s match was different ’cause, even if it’s still difficult to return Milos’ serve, once the ball’s in play, the game is more “logical” since Raonic is a better player from the baseline. He’s felt better from the baseline, being aggressive & using the FH DTL, just a few BH UE, but, in general, he thinks the match has been very good. He’s very happy to have won another TB against another big server.

Journo2 asks Rafa when he’s decided to start serving when winning the coin toss. Rafa answers that since last week, just trying new things at the end of a season that hasn’t been very good, although he’s increasingly feeling better. Last week was very positive, also this week since he arrived he’s feeling & playing well, w/more confidence & calm. He repeats the remaining tournaments are a preparation for a strong start in 2016.

Journo2 congratulates Rafa for being overcoming all the anxiety he’s had in past months & asks him if a match like yesterday’s helps, winning in a 3STB or at least not losing 6-7 in the 3rd. Rafa says that obviously the match was complicated w/tight moments. Winning in the 3rd helps & gives confidence, as also gives another chance to play today (and then tomorrow), but even if he had lost the match, there were a lot of positive things: he didn’t have any anxiety, endured the pressure very well & in key points he didn’t make errors. Same goes for today, which is a good improvement in his game. He’s also feeling better w/the FH, losing less court. Things are going better than he expected at a time of the year that historically has never been very good for him. He’s working a lot & well. Doing things as best as he can!

Plus, check out this Hot Shot that is oh so hot.

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  1. beachfan says:

    Thank you Genny! I was wondering why Rafa was now serving first. I think it is a good move and another positive sign on his nerves.