RafaLint: October 12th


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  • Djokovic Claims Sixth Beijing Crown – via atpworldtour.com

    “I’m very happy the way that I played this week, especially because I was able to improve every single match,” said Nadal. “Especially in the quarter-finals after that first set against Sock, I changed that dynamic. I played closer to the baseline. Yesterday I played a good match and today I played a good match.”

  • Nadal turns win into a loss – via chinaopen.com.cn (I think that title is a bit dyslexic, no?)
  • Rafael Nadal takes hope from China Open run despite Novak Djokovic defeat – by Talek Harris (sport360.com)

    “I’m going to fight. I’m going to do it my way,” he said. “When I was number two and Roger was number one, it was not my obsession to catch Roger. My obsession was to improve my game and do my way.

    “For me is the same thing today,” he said. “My motivation is to keep going, do it my way, and I have been that way already. I know if I am playing well again, then I can fight.

    “If I can fight, I can compete well (a number of ) times in a row against the best players, then normally I was a good competitor. So I think I going to be good competitor again if I recover my level.”

  • Improvement Still Foremost On Rafa’s Mind – by Richard Osborn (atpworldtour.com)

    “That’s my number today. I don’t know if you consider that one of the best players of the world or not,” he said. “In tennis, it’s different than in other sports, where you don’t have a ranking. Here you have a ranking. If I am No. 8 or No. 7, that’s the number that I am in the world today. Do I consider myself one of the best players of the world? I am enough humble to say that this year has not been the ideal year for me. But at the same time, I don’t want to lie [to] anybody. It’s obvious that I consider myself one of the best players in the world after the career that I’ve had.”

  • Nadal Surges To Sixth In London Quest; Nishikori & Ferrer In Pursuit – by Josh Meiseles (atpworldtour.com)

    “The [Barclays ATP] World Tour Finals is a goal and it will be good news if I finally qualify,” said Nadal. “I’m going to fight for it, competing with the right mentality again, the right confidence and the right level of tennis.”



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  1. Ilie Nastase as Rafa’s coach?!? Did Toni just pick the unlikeliest name he could thing of? Why not go all the way and hire Connors as well? Come to think of it Jimbo was one of the best ever at taking the ball early…..:)