RafaLint: September 3rd

Beth Wilson

Beth Wilson

Rafa’s last on Ashe Friday – let’s hope he kicks off all our weekends in style.

Two days in a row and two guys played their last US Open match. So long Fish and Hewitt…you will both be missed.

This is a light-ish lint edition because Pocket (the service I shove links/tweets/etc in to all day so I can put them into a lint piece is offline…and I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms).

Johnny Mac Tennis Project Benefit Night Photos

I had the great honor of being a photographer at the exhibition Rafa did with John McEnroe and Lleyton Hewitt. The pictures in the slide show on their site I linked to the other day are mine. I’m currently uploading the rest of them (far too many of them) to flickr. There’s a lot of smiley Rafa, so enjoy.

(The light wasn’t great at the start of the match and just got worse, but I did the best I could. I’m leaving them uploading as I go to bed. When there are 320 photos in the set, it will be complete. Yes. 320 photos. Of not a lot of tennis. Yes. I have a problem.)




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