It all comes off – Rafa for Hilfiger

I’ve been accused of not warning people properly. So: YOU ARE WARNED! You should be seated…and comfy…and prepared for some alone time.

Rafael Nadal, the new face and body of Tommy Hilfiger underwear, takes it all off. #RafaelNadal #TommyXNadal

Posted by Tommy Hilfiger.

(It’s 1am. It’s time for too many screen grabs. I have to admit, I felt a bit dirty making these… Sorry they are blurry…that’s kind of the nature of screen grabs.)

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  1. CC says:

    Yeah, so anyway, I just…erm…


    (Zero comments!? Am I the only reader here who wants some of that…yeah, any of it?!)

    Thank you miri. You really are one of the most generous people around and would have deserved at least a place on that film crew. BTW, the grabs are not blurry. I can count all the hairs.

    • An says:

      Ok…. So CC, you want met to talk…. After whatching THIS all day…. You actually expect me to have some rational toughts? At least, enough to say something… Well okay…
      Rafa, realy…. You are shaking your head at me??? Oh boy, i think we are in for some looooong, haaaaard, uuuuuhm…. talking?

      • An says:

        Ow, and this time they let him keep the treasure trail….. Very.Smart.Tommy.Hilfiger.

        • Susanna728 says:

          Thank you Miri!! I’m way old but that doesn’t matter in the least. Can’t stop watching this. And btw,,,An and CC, great to see you on the comment chain. I haven’t been around much. Have to admit I’m getting a bit discouraged about Rafa’s prospects.

          • CC says:

            Oh, I’m lurking around, but have very little time for it nowadays. Great to see you too! And yes, age is irrelevant!

        • An says:

          Oh, and i keep hoping that this time he does’nt notice i’m watching…… 😉

      • CC says:

        Hah, he needs a good…erm…talking to, indeed! ;)
        Lovely to see you around, my partner in crime. xx

        • An says:

          Same here! I’m still around here now and then but don’t have the time to reply much. But off course i’m glad to see you too! XO

  2. JayDee50 says:

    Ohhhh myyyy Gawwwd! I’m reading this over my brekkie! and PHEW! what a way to wake up! Good morninnnnnggg worldddd!

    Oh boy how am I gonna get anything done today when I just want to sit and watch this? Lol, phew!

  3. Julie says:

    Well, I was sleepless at 4 a.m. and now speechless and even wider awake…Thanks Miri!

    • Julie says:

      And, I think Rafa’s girlfriend is one of luckiest women on the planet! Ah, to swap places with her for even an hour:)

  4. Lizipsa says:

    Should have gone to the doc for some blood pressure pills before this!! Great stuff Miri, thanks!!

  5. teejustice says:

    Wowza! Almost couldn’t get to sleep for watching the ad over and over. Early flight today and headed to work conference. How am I supposed to pay attention for 2 days with Rafa burning up the interwebs?!

    He looks fab and natural and fabulous!

  6. kemannin says:

    completely overwhelmed. . .SO worth the wait!!!!

  7. Kat Tennis says:

    Well, this is just the best advertisement I have EVER seen.
    I am in L-U-R-V with Rafael …. he is absolutely the H-O-T-T-E-S-T athlete/sportsperson EVER and I am so glad to be alive today so that I can enjoy watching this clip for the rest of my life!!!!
    Bahahaha!!! I’m serious!!!! Thankyou so much for the screen grabs, I’ve been doing same but yours are so much better :-)
    Rafa is sheer purrfection …. from the top of his glorious head to the tips of his toes … who could ask for more???
    More? YES!!! I want MORE!!!!!! I hope HiIfiger have more adverts …. i’d love to see the edit cuts and bloopers too …….. too much is never enough when it comes to Rafael Nadal :-)

  8. CB says:

    This truly confirms what we’ve thought all along — if Rafa wasn’t the most fantastic tennis player in the world, he would be (IS!) the most amazing model in the world! Tommy Hilfiger got his money’s worth with this ad!

  9. sia says:

    So … “dirty” in a good way, right Miri?

  10. fr. says:

    Nice!!! Well, I prefer to watch him play good tennis!…and I still hope that he will play great tennis with confidence, soon!

  11. Tina says:

    Wow, just wow…..suddenly it felt like the summer just stroke back! Was it getting warmer outside? Oh no- it was “just”Rafa all over the screen, posing, teasing, looking unbelievably hot. Oh yes! Thanks for sharing, Miri, and true-no matter age, it also made my day! (Still smiling: -))

  12. Fay says:

    Omg I’ve watched this too many times , what a physique ! The best I’ve seen on a tennis player now let’s see you rock it on the tennis court Rafa…. Few* still fanning myself