Cincy: 2nd round presser transcript

AP Photo/David Kohl

AP Photo/David Kohl

A transcript of the rather lengthy (heh) presser Rafa gave after his first match in Cincy (def. Chardy 6-3, 6-4) is up on the ASAP Sports site.

Q. A very good win and some challenging conditions. How pleased are you with your level of play tonight particularly in comparison to Montreal last week?

RAFAEL NADAL: Every week is a different story, no? It’s stupid to have comparations. So just having a positive week last week in Montreal, being the first tournament on hard after winning Hamburg, playing quarterfinal was a positive result.

The real thing is in quarterfinals I didn’t compete as good as I wanted. But I keep working hard no? And I am here, no? I think I had positive start against a big opponent winning tough matches, winning semifinals in Montreal, winning yesterday.

Being through is great news for me, and just expect tomorrow another tough match.

Q. Tomorrow, Feliciano Lopez, always difficult. Something you’re used to.

RAFAEL NADAL: Yes, nothing new for us. Yeah, tough opponent. He’s a player that plays very, very high level last couple of seasons and will be a big challenge for me. But I hope to be ready for it.

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