RafaLint: August 16th

Hilfiger Wallpaper


I think Rafa will appear at Macy’s in NYC at 6:30pm on the 25th, but am waiting on confirmation. Also, I may have liked that teaser image so much, I made wallpaper for my laptop (which has a tiny screen, so the wallpaper is small).

  • Nishikori Breaks Through Against Nadal, Faces Murray In SF – via atpworldtour.com

    “Without a doubt he was better than me today,” said Nadal. “So just congratulate him. I think in the first six or seven games of the match, I should have been level, but it was 5-1. When this happens, it’s tough against a player like Kei. I had a chance for 2-0, then I had a tough game on serve, which I finally lost.

    “I know it’s at the beginning of the match and the result was clear, but when you’re playing a player like Kei and in the situation I’m in today, it would have been easier if I’d started the match a little bit better. Because that would have given me confidence.”

  • Federer, Nadal on Cincy Collision Course – via atpworldtour.com
  • “He’s still not maybe 100%, but he’s Rafa.” – by Caroline Paquin (batennisworld.com)

    Does he think that Nadal is not the same player anymore? Not really: “I mean, he’s still not maybe 100%, but he’s Rafa. I never beat him before, so I knew I have play 100% to beat Rafa.”

  • La felicitación más especial – Rafa wishes a tournament a happy 75th anniversary. Includes a photo of a very serious looking tot Rafa. (mangle)



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6 Responses

  1. CC says:

    If one only glances at the Hilfiger pic it looks like Rafa has no undies and it’s his white bum one can see. Nice… It is however rather difficult to only glance at that pic.

  2. CB says:

    Goodness……..that ad!!

    Oh, to be in Cincinnati to watch Rafa practice. Can’t be there this year — I hope all who can will have a great time! And thanks for the pics!

  3. CC says:

    *scrolls through the ten miles of tweets with Rafa practice pics*

    As sad as I am to see Rafa’s head hair get thinner and thinner, as pleased am I to realise where it’s migrating to. ;)