Hamburg: Settling down

Photo by EFE

Photo by EFE

After a slightly shaky (and a bit shanky) start, Rafa buckled down and defeated Fernando Verdasco in the first round of the Hamburg tournament. The turning point seemed to be a 12 minute hold Rafa struggled through in the first game of the second set. After he managed to close that game out and hold, there was no turning back. It must have felt great to be able to turn the tide on the match.

Rafa defeats Verdasco: 3-6, 6-1, 6-1.

Thanks to rain, we don’t know who Rafa will play in the next round yet.

Nadal Verdasco
Statistics on Serve
Aces 2 1
Double Faults 0 3
1st Serve % 73% 74%
1st Serve Points Won 37/58 (64%) 32/56 (57%)
2nd Serve Points Won 13/22 (59%) 7/20 (35%)
Break Points Saved 7/9 (78%) 5/11 (45%)
Service Games Played 11 12
Statistics on Return
1st Return Points Won 24/56 (43%) 21/58 (36%)
Second Return Points Won 13/20 (65%) 9/22 (41%)
Break Points Won 6/11 (55%) 2/9 (22%)
Return Games Played 12 11
Statistics on Points
Total Service Points Won 50/80 (63%) 39/76 (51%)
Total Return Points Won 37/76 (49%) 30/80 (38%)
Total Points Won 87/156 (56%) 69/156 (44%)

4 Responses

  1. CB says:

    I only saw the third set but Rafa looked good and was playing well. I think two important stats are no double faults and especially the fact that Rafa saved 7 of 9 break points. I think I saw most of the 7 and it was good to see Rafa playing with confidence in those moments. Just great to see Rafa win!

  2. kate says:

    I think the thing that impressed me the most about today’s match was that Rafa held strong mentally when down bp’s. It was wonderful to see that “old mentality” make a return. :)

    • Aero says:

      Agreed Kate, those break points didn’t seem to phase him this time around which is a positive indicator of his mental strength. Rafa seemed to hit with conviction. I liked how deep his range was as well and with some great defensive play. I still think he has some way to go. I didn’t think his serving was great despite no double faults and he did shank quite a few forehands so not firing on all cylinders yet. His unforced errors was higher than his winners something 20/16 if I recall after watching the match last night, much of that due to a sluggish and poor first set.