RafaLint: July 25th

Photo by Tennis Championships am Rothenbaum

Photo by Tennis Championships am Rothenbaum

It’s been so long since I posted a lint post! Sorry – first, not much public going on in Rafaland for awhile. Second, Storify is making my lint gathering difficult by no longer working with Twitter properly (first it was Instagram, now this…takes me 3 times as long to put these together. Grrr.) Third, I’m addicted to SimCity BuildIt and it took over my free time for awhile. Forth, WTT tennis in my home town. Fifth, I like making excuses.




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  1. CC says:

    Well, if Rafa’s body is asking him to play, then who are we to argue?! I mean, Rafa’s body is…hot. And obviously very clever. And…hot.