NYC Exhibition tickets now on sale

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Tickets for the NYC exhibition Rafa will be playing on August 26th are now on sale. The event will feature Rafa and John McEnroe and will benefit the Johnny Mac Tennis Project. Find out more and get your tickets here. See you there!

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  1. luckystar1 says:

    I hope Rafa gets all the solutions to his problems before the NA HC season starts for him.

    I think all his problems started from.his mistiming of his FH. He relies very much on his FH, and so his serve is/was also affected once he’s not sure that he could rely on his FH after his serve to set up his second shot. As to why he’s mistiming his forehand, I really think it’s all because of his footwork, he looked to me half a step slow since coming back from his injury break. I think it boiled down to the fact that he lacked training due to missing a training block at the back end of 2014. His fitness and stamina were also affected due to not competing for much of second half of 2014.

    Perhaps, he should have skipped AO2015 and made use of Jan to mid Feb to work on his fitness and training, came back only for the SA clay court swing just like 2013. The racket switch just before the European clay season was also a mistake Imo.

    I do hope Rafa would continue to work on his footwork, get back his quickness and get back his feel for his FH, it’s only when his FH is working, when he has confidence in that shot, that his game will be back on track. He has no physical problem now, he’s still motivated to do well, so there’s no reason why he won’t get back to his winning ways.

    I think maybe he can play a 250 HC event (maybe two weeks before the Masters, with a one week break) in NA , gets some match play and feel on the HCs, that way he will be more ready for the HC swing and the USO.

    All the best to Rafa! Vamos!

    • miri says:

      Not really sure what this has to do with Rafa playing an exhibition match in NYC in August (the subject of this post).