New Davis Cup captain: Conchita Martínez

Per reports circulating around the web and twitter, Conchita Martínez will be named the new Spanish Davis Cup captain tomorrow. Martínez, the current Fed Cup captain, is a well-respected figure in the Spanish tennis community and has an established relationship with both male and female players. By choosing a female coach, the RFET probably hopes to prove that the objections to Leon were more credential than gender-based. So, this would seem to be a win-win decision. Her appointment appears to be for the rest of the year during which she will continue to captain the Fed Cup team.


5 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Howard says:

    Hope this will bring peace and unity to Spanish tennis. It would be a real success if Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco , Feliciano Lopez and other top players made themselves available for the team to play Russia later this month.

  2. sam says:

    There is nothing sexist about having a female captain for a female team and a male captain for a male team. I don’t see any other Davis or Federation cup teams rushing to appoint captains of a different sex to to team members so why does the RFET? If a Fed Cup team had a male captain put in the job of captain without consultation and approval from the female players I believe quite rightly there would be cries of sexism. One of the jobs of a Davis Cup captain is to sit on the bench during tricky moments of matches and give support and encouragement. Only potential team members are qualified to judge who would be best suited to do this and they should of course be involved in the recruitment process. Martinez is not only less qualified for the role but already has a job there are many male candidates who would not only be more suitable but would be able to give more commitment.

    In GB the Davis Cup captain was chosen specifically to pander to their top player Andy Murray. Appointing a captain that would please him was seen as the most important requirement for the job and other more qualified candidates were looked over. It was the British media that took unusual interest in the shock from the Spanish players when the RFET allowed Leon to put herself in the role. Unusual because they give little interest to the Davis Cup when GB are not involved and a Davis Cup win by Spain is often reported by a small footnote. Yet the whole “sexist” Spanish player story was covered as a way of throwing mud against rivals with no insight into what was happening. Interesting that this angle was followed on the back of Andy Murray’s tweet celebrating Leon’s appointment as being great for women. Murray’s tweet was either ignorant and self serving because he was being heralded as a feminist because he has a female coach or an attempt to cause a little trouble if he had any knowledge of the situation. The way it was used certainly did cause trouble.

  3. sam says:

    Incidentally I very much hope Rafa doesn’t play. He has done enough for the Spanish team and at 29 should focus on his own individual career.

  4. crossy says:

    I think Rafa has to play 2 matches in the Davis Cup this year to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio next year.