Wimbledon: 2nd round presser photos

A few photos from Rafa’s final 2015 Wimbledon presser.

Photos by Roger Allen – Pool/AELTC/Getty Images

5 Responses

  1. mallorcanchamp says:

    If any Rafa follower can find a photo with a similar face like no.5, just let me know. (all throughout his career)

    This is the face of a hopeless+unmotivated man for the first time in his career.

  2. Fay says:

    I agree, its all very terminal and “Oh know this is it” kind of feeling, its strange but Rafa has always achieved the impossible during his career just when we thought he was down and out and we expect it as fans again and again because we love the passion and energy he has brought to the tennis world the last decade or more…. I cannot bear to watch him no more he lit my fire and motivated my addiction for the game more than any other player ever has.. I am sad he is 28… someone please come and save Rafa!!

  3. kentheteaman says:

    I think, perhaps, Rafa should call it a day and retire now like Borg did when he was only 25. Nothing more to prove or achieve for Rafa. He seem to have lost his mojo like Tiger woods.

    Or may be I am wrong.

    Just a thought.