Wimbledon: The draw

 Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Unlike most slam draws, the draw for Wimbledon was performed on time and with no long-winded pre-amble*. We quickly found out that Rafa landed in Federer’s half and Murray’s quarter. His first opponent will be Bellucci.

Seeds in Rafa’s quarter: Murray, Ferrer, Fognini, Troicki, Tsonga, Karlovic and Seppi. Seeds in the rest of his half are Berdych, Garcia-Lopez, Monfils, Simon, F. Lopez, Bautista Agut, Sock and Federer.

Seeds in the top half are Djokovic, Tomic, L. Mayer, Anderson, Cilic, Isner, Cuevas, Nishikori, Wawrinka, Thiem, Robredo, Goffin, Dimitrov, Gasquet, Kyrgios and Raonic.

His potential path (by seeding) to the final:
1R Bellucci
2R Brown or Lu
3R Troicki
4R Ferrer
QF Murray
SF Federer
F Djokovic

Not an easy draw, but it could have been much worse.

Here is the full draw: pdf or html.

*In other words: I missed the first few minutes of it.

25 Responses

  1. emir says:

    I would prefer Fed in the semi instead of QF. I think think isnt terrible draw if we remember he is only 10 th seed. Djoko has easy draw this time around.

  2. emir says:

    I mean ı would prefer Fed in QF instead Murray.

  3. Caprice says:

    Wow, Rafa would be very happy with this draw. He does not get any big servers in his path, and he gets Ferrer in R16 when he could have got any of the Big 4! Can’t complain. I am keeping fingers crossed that Rafa gets to QF. Troicki may be tricky. For the Rafa of old, he would have had no trouble at all reaching the final in this kind of draw!

    The only thing I am worried about is that I am sure that Rafa will be penalized (time violation) during breakpoints and this will disrupt his concentration and get him very nervous. This seems to be the big elephant in the room that nobody talks about.

    The other thing is the roof closing. Rafa does not play well indoors.

  4. Aero says:

    Agreed with Caprice, no big servers is good and initially might give him some time to settle in, however, I still think he will struggle against most players. If he can manage to get to the QFs though and meets Murray, Murray will crush him in straight sets. That’s as far as I think he’ll go, I’m not expecting any immediate return to form not on this surface at least.

    • cythere72 says:

      I don’t agree that it is a foregone conclusion that Murray will crush Rafa.

      • Aero says:

        I do hope you are right, however, I do think you are living in a dream world, believing Rafa is the same Rafa of old. Murray crushed him in Madrid, that’s at home and on clay his best surface. At RG Djokovic crushed Rafa but then needed 5 sets to beat Murray. Murray just won Queens, the stats speak for themselves. Murray is on his game at the moment and in a different league to Rafa. He will definitely be crushed by Murray, providing he even makes it to the QFs!

        • tom says:

          Federer “crushed” Wawrinka in Rome followed by Djokovic “crushing” Federer. Wawrinka is 30 years and had never even been to the semis of Roland Garros before and beat the younger #1 ranked Djokovic at Roland Garros in 4 sets. The fact is tennis outcomes (and sports in general) are not as predictable as you’re making them out
          to be, by reciting some recent facts everyone here are well aware of.

    • cythere72 says:

      I don’t think Murray will CRUSH Rafa.

  5. luckystar1 says:

    As no.10 seed, he wont meet seed 1-4 in R4 but seed 5-8, so he gets seed 7 – Ferrer.

    Except for the potential QF opponent, I think Rafa’s draw is OK, would prefer Stan or Fed instead of Murray at the QF.

  6. emir says:

    There is still some dangers though even before the QF he might meet Brown in 2nd round who beat Rafa in Halle pretty easily couple of years ago. İnstead Troicki he might play Jack Sock who manage to steal a set from Rafa at RG he has a big game for grass. At the end of the day sooner rather than later he has make his move either in slams or master for a better ranking and seeding. This draw for sure could have been even worse he could faced with a top 4 guy at the 4 th round but still not all that easy by any means. I would like to see Rafa having a good tournament and giving someone like Murray a tough match. That would be positive ı dont expect a dream run to the title or something at this stage.

    • luckystar1 says:

      No Jack Sock. Sock is in Fed’s quarter. Brown has to get pass Lu first, who’s a more consistent good player on grass. Brown over BO5 can be quite inconsistent. I think Lu is a more difficult opponent than Brown, Brown tends to go for broke and in the process makes all sorts of errors.

      Troicki has played too much tennis lately, consecutive three weeks before Wimbledon, he might have tired himself for doing that.

    • luckystar1 says:

      Rafa seeded 10 cant meet a top 4 guy in R4, only in QF!

      The seeding is such that seeds 1-4 will meet seeds 13-16 in R4; seeds 5-8 will meet seeds 9-12 in R4.

      • emir says:

        When you seeded 10th there is a danger of you can face top 4 before the QF. There is no such a rule thing 1-4 will meet seeds 13-16 in round four. Murray No 2 will meet 12th Tsonga if both of them reached the 4th round. Rafa avoid top 4 player in the 4th round is luck not the rule.

        • emir says:

          I saw Tsonga in 13 th seed but there is still no rule of 1-4 meet only meet seeds 13-16 in the 4th round in general. For this year Wimbledon yes. İf Rafa cant seed in top 8 he might face someone in the top 4 in the 4 th round in US Open. İt becomes an emergency for him to up in the rankings.

          • luckystar1 says:

            Check the actual draw, thats the rule! Seeds 1-4 meet seed 13-16 in R4. Check the draw for the past few years, they’re such.

          • luckystar1 says:

            Murray at 3 meets Tsonga at no.13; Fed at 2 meets Feli at no. 15; Novak at 1 meets Anderson at no.14; and Stan at 4 meets Goffin at no.16.

            • emir says:

              Yeah you actually have a point. Very strange because it wasnt like that before. İt wasnt even 32 seeds.

              • Heath says:

                It’s been like that for quite some time actually, emir. Wimbledon has had a 32 seed draw since 2001 – introduced back then to stave off boycotts by players unhappy with the bias towards grass-court specialists.

  7. Caprice says:

    LuckyStar1, thanks for pointing out that at R4 Rafa seeded 10th could not meet seeds 1-4, but 5-8 instead. You are right.

  8. cythere72 says:

    I think Rafa has a quarter and a good half. I think that Nole has the harder half with Kyrigos in it as well.

    I am not so worried about Andy. I don’t know why. Maybe because he has more mental pressure with this being in the UK and all. Yep, Murray has been playing well but as Rafa always says, “this is tennis, anything can happen.”

  9. harry houdini says:

    Great draw at wimbledon. I don’t see brown as a threat.

    Rafa still doesn’t have the eye of the tiger and when he doesn’t he always plays the big points a little bit worse. The difference is rafa at 2010 Aust. vs. murray compared to rafa at 2010 wimbledon vs. murray.

    At least he is playing the right way on grass, fun to watch his backhand when he goes after it like he does on this surface. To win he needs some big upsets. :) He can still take out federer and will be the favorite in that match imo (if it happens).