Rankings: June 22nd

The new rankings are up. There’s no movement in the top ten.

Pos Name Points Pos Moved Tourns Played
1 Djokovic, Novak 13,845 0 18
2 Federer, Roger 9,665 0 19
3 Murray, Andy 7,450 0 22
4 Wawrinka, Stanislas 5,790 0 22
5 Nishikori, Kei 5,660 0 22
6 Berdych, Tomas 5,050 0 23
7 Ferrer, David 4,490 0 24
8 Raonic, Milos 4,440 0 23
9 Cilic, Marin 3,540 0 22
10 Nadal, Rafael 3,135 0 21

For the rest of June and July, the top 10 are defending:

  • Djokovic – 2000
  • Federer – 1,200
  • Murray – 360
  • Wawrinka – 360
  • Nishikori – 180
  • Berdych – 90
  • Ferrer – 345 (45 Wimbledon + 300 Hamburg; additionally has 45 currently non-countable points from Bastad)
  • Raonic – 720
  • Cilic – 450 (360 from Wimbledon + 90 from Umag)
  • Rafa – 180

Race to London:
Unlike the 52 week rankings, the year to date rankings saw a lot of movement. Federer (+2) and Nishikori (+2) moved up while Berdych (-1), Ferrer (-2) and Rafa (-1) dropped.

17 Responses

  1. haddie says:

    So disappointing

    • JayDee50 says:

      you do realise that were it not for last year’s injury and illness he would still be ranked much higher? Give him a break. He’s not doing too bad all things considered, better than some who don’t have the excuse of an injury layoff.

      • haddie says:

        WHAT iexactly do you mean by GIVE HIM A BREAK
        Am I not entitled to say it is disappointing that he is at No.10??
        Who said I was saying anything abojut Rafa

        • arthur says:

          Wow – that was strangely aggressive…..

          • haddie says:

            No it wasn’t I was being accused of not giving Rafa a break.. what the heck I merely said it was disappointing…

            • miri says:

              You just about always escalate the tone of things.

              That being said: everyone, please chill. The rankings are just math. They should not produce so much angst and emotion.

              • haddie says:

                Then tell me why I have to explain so much because of one word.
                I am disappointed that does not mean I am knocking Rafa far from it.
                But Good lord did it need to be commented on in the first place and now Im having to defend myself for it ..Im not the one wrong here I didn’t jump to the wrong conclusion…in future someone ask me to explain …here its guilty until proven innocent it seems

                • miri says:

                  Maybe you could have replied in a more level-headed manner instead of escalating the discourse? Maybe by saying, “I’m not disappointed in Rafa, It’s just disappointing to see that number next to his name” or something like that instead of yelling at him via all caps?

                  • haddie says:

                    Im sorry to you Miri but not to him.. he should have asked me why I was disappointed rather than jump to his own misinformed conclusions. It indeed was an innocent enough word.. I did not say I was disappointed in Rafa. So I make no apologies to him for my feelings where Rafa is concerned.

                    • miri says:

                      I’m not talking about your feelings. I’m talking about your tone. He did not need to be attacked for misunderstanding your post as much as you feel like you shouldn’t have been attacked for making it. But at least his response to you didn’t include exasperated yelling. This is what I (and perhaps arthur) meant by sounding aggressive.

                    • haddie says:

                      Yeah ok you make me wrong if you will I didn’t like his tone either..He was the one who misinterpreted what I SAID not the other way around..he should have asked for clarification before making judgement on me..BUT MIRI, if that how you see it…Im guilty before being proved innocent it seems for uttering one word…

        • JayDee50 says:

          1) By GIVE HIM A BREAK I mean stop wallowing in your own disappointment at the rankings and appreciate the fact that Rafa is back on a tennis court, healthy, and playing the best tennis he is able to;
          2) You are entitled to say whatever you want;
          3) If you are not talking about Rafa please enlighten me as to whom you are referring, seeing as you are commenting on a website dedicated to Rafa Nadal.

          • haddie says:

            How on earth can anyone read so much into one word ??
            Who are you to tell me I cannot be disappointed. Who the hell do you think you are exactly.
            I owe you no explanations for what I feel.
            Get a grip

  2. haddie says:

    mean stop wallowing in your own disappointment

    Great and how was I supposed to answer that pray????!1!

    • miri says:

      I GAVE you a suggestion!!!!!! DID YOU NOT READ that????? *stomps foot* *rolls eyes* *Adds !!!!! for emphasis*

      (Gave up replying reasonably and decided to use a tone you seem to understand. You also seem to have missed the bit where I told everyone to chill. Perhaps I should have put “everyone” in all caps.)

      Also, this conversation is over. I think I’ve made my point clear in both reasonable and unreasonable tones. More replies to this and the thread will be locked and/or you’ll be put into time out.

  3. sia says:

    The good thing is Rafa is #8 in the ranking race and close to those just above him. So not too disappointing for everyone involved :)

  4. luckystar1 says:

    I’m just happy that Rafa stays in top ten despite not playing the second half of last year and despite a relatively poor clay season.

    Hes still no.8 in the race and he’s making progress where his game is concerned. Winning and playing well at Stuttgart is a good sign, he just needs to overcome one more problem, that of holding his nerve and not be tentative during crucial moments in his matches, especially when the finishing line is in sight.

    On grass, Rafa let us see his more aggressive self, and I like to see the more aggressive Rafa, perhaps he should also play this way on his favorite surface clay, for he seems a bit slow and less powerful in his shots when playing on clay this year and I do feel a more aggressive Rafa playing closer to the baseline or even more inside the court may also help his clay court game.

    I watched Rafa vs Rosol 2014 Wimbledon, Rafa did play well to counter Rosol’s power so I’m hopeful that Rafa can reproduce those form to overcome anyone esp the big hitters on grass. I hope he’s ready for players like Kygrios on grass.