RafaLint: June 3rd

An excerpt from Rafa’s presser:

(I’m trying to ignore the that wobbly tone he gets in his voice a few times. *sniff*)

Tweet of the day:

I couldn’t agree more.

  • Nadal: “It’s not the end” – by Josh Meiseles (atpworldtour.com)

    “I accept the defeats and there is only one sure thing: I want to work harder even than before to come back stronger,” Nadal said following the match.

    “I am going to fight. I lost in 2009 and it was not the end. I lost in 2015 and it is not the end. I hope to be back here next year with another chance.”

  • Novak Djokovic Solves Rafael Nadal on French Open Clay – by Christopher Clarey

    Nadal handled the loss in the same way he handled all those victories: with perspective.

    “When you lose in the way I lost today, all you can do is accept it,” Nadal said. “He played better than I did. And when that is the case, you have to first accept it, second congratulate the opponent and third, analyze the reasons behind the defeat and then work really hard. That’s what I think I’ll have to do now.”

  • The Nine-Year Wait – by Steve Tignor (tennis.com)

    By the end, the Parisian fans, long lukewarm at best to Nadal, had begun to cheer for him, and they sounded a little stunned to see the five-time defending champion walk off a loser. Consider it one more testament to what Nadal has done at Roland Garros. Watching him in defeat there was, more than anything else, surreal. I can remember Rafa saying, after his third French Open title, that he doubted he would ever reach Bjorn Borg’s men’s record of six. He can’t feel too bad, for too long, about having nine.

  • Nadal : “J’ai perdu contre le meilleur joueur du monde” – via rolandgarros.com (mangle) There doesn’t seem to be an English version of this on the site. Frustrating since it has presser quotes.
  • After Satisfying Victory in Paris, Still Much to Accomplish for Novak Djokovic – by Chris Oddo (tennisnow.com)

    But sweetness soon returned as Nadal exited the court to a round of applause from the Parisian crowd. He turned and raised his arms to salute them, surveying the scene, vanquished for today, but king of this clay forever. “I understand that people now question his game,” Djokovic said afterwards, “but if you need a reminder of who he is you just need to take a look at his statistics.”



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Hoy no pudo ser. Gracias por el apoyo a todos mis fans, al público de esta maravillosa pista y ciudad de París que tanto…

Posted by Rafa Nadal on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hoy no pudo ser. Gracias por el apoyo a todos mis fans, al público de esta maravillosa pista y ciudad de París que tanto cariño me ha mostrado.
Today it wasn’t meant to be. Thanks to all my fans for their support, the spectators at this wonderful tournament and the city of Paris which has always treated me so well

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