Happy Birthday, Rafa!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Rafa! Since I can’t give you a present today, I’d like to thank you for some the presents you’ve given me.

1. Years of entertainment, ulcers, laughter, grey hairs, inspiration, teeth gnashing, joy, nail biting, excitement, and just darn fun.

2. The courage to try and do something different with my photography.

3. Places I’ve seen and visited that I never would have unless I wanted to stalk watch a certain tennis player in person.

4. And, most importantly, new friends I never would have met unless we had the same taste in tennis players.

So, go out and give yourself a great birthday present – a trip to the Roland Garros semifinals.


(I apologize for the intense yet half-assed cheesiness of that graphic and this post. One gift I haven’t received from Rafa is enough hours in the day to do everything properly – including the usual annual birthday post.)

14 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Howard says:

    Miri, lovely sentiments and I add, Thank you Rafael for all the joy you have brought to millions, for your fiercely competitive spirit, your wonderful tennis, thee wonderful smile, the heart stopping moments, the dignity and graciousness, our ability to connect wit people and the bond that us Raftans across the world share. Happy birthday champion and remember millions play with you to day. Vamos Rafaaaaa

  2. elfie says:

    Couldn’t agree more Miri! Vamos Rafa and let’s see you in the semi – finals!

  3. JayDee50 says:

    Aww Miri, this post brought a tear to my eye. I echo every one of your sentiments. Rafa is such an extraordinary young man, the likes of whom we will never see again. We have to treasure him while we can. Feliz cumpleanos Rafa!

  4. fifijohnston says:

    Lovely post Miri! Couldn’t agree with you more – love the sentiment. Rafa has given us all so much joy over the last decade. Wishing him well today.

  5. Tina says:

    Great pictures of a smiling, happy Rafa. Thanks Miri.
    Happy birthday to Rafa and all the best wishes today. If there ever was a time to wish Rafa all the best in the world, it has to be today. It breaks my heart, that he has to play Novak today of all days, but it is what it is, and I know Rafa will do his best as always.
    The biggest VAMOS I can ever produce from my windy and cold country, but as long as the cold stays here and doesn´t drift to Paris, I´d be happy !!!

  6. haddie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFA.. have win here champ and put the cherry on top of your cake
    we are all rooting for you VAMOS

  7. ddbmab25 says:

    Be very blessed Rafa!!!! Love u!!!!

  8. luckystar1 says:

    Thanks Miri for this beautiful post. Yes, I can identify with the sentiment of your point no.1. Rafa makes us suffer and then gives us so much joy, what a tennis player that he is!

    Wishes Rafa a really Happy Birthday, and a trip to the SF and final of FO2015 and holding up that trophy for the tenth time!

  9. CB says:

    Agreed, Miri! Let’s hope Rafa gives himself the best birthday present ever — a trip to the semis!

  10. kayM says:

    Happy birthday, and Vamos!!! to our champ. I wish you will celebrate on court after win. It’ll pass midnight here when you play, and I am wearing the Nike ‘love Rafa’ tee in bed to support you!

    Win or lose, though, you are still the undeniably King of Clay of all time, and I hope you enjoy your birthday with your loved ones around, feeling loved and proud!

  11. Lili says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday Rafa
    Wish you happiness and success…..We LOVE U:)

  12. jessi says:

    Happy Birthday, Rafa! You’re still the Champ!

  13. casmis says:

    A big I agree completely with all the sentiments expressed. Happy happy birthday to the greatest of all time for me. Millions of your fans are there with you today and hoping for the very best.

    Thank you for all the hours of the best ever entertainment!! You have added much to the game of tennis.