RafaLint: May 31st

Photo by REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Photo by REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Since they didn’t finish all the matches on Sunday due to rain, Monday’s schedule is a bit of a mess. Rafa will play Jack Sock in the third match on Lenglen. Play starts at 11am.


  • Three to See, 2015 French Open, Day 9 – by Steve Tignor (tennis.com)

    One thing we know about this one: The ball is going to rotate. A lot. These two guys turn the ball over more times per millisecond than anyone else in tennis. But is that all we’re going to get from the 22-year-old Sock against the King of Clay? I don’t think so.

  • ATP’s Big Four, Serena, Sharapova all in action on Day 9 at the French Open – by Courtney Nguyen (si.com)

    For all the attention on the forehands, the Sock serve will be a big deciding factor against Nadal. If he can serve big, earn some cheap points and get some easy holds, he’ll have opportunities to tee off on the Nadal serve.

  • As Rafael Nadal Awaits, Jack Sock Hopes to Win a Battle of Forehands – by Christopher Clarey (nytimes.com)

    “Obviously as a tennis player, when you play Roger at Wimbledon or playing Rafa here, there’s a few of those matchups and scenarios where it’s the greatest of all time on that surface,” Sock said, referring also to Roger Federer. “So I will be excited to play. I’m more looking forward to it. It will be a tough one, but it will be a fun one.”

  • How one court at Roland Garros helps Rafael Nadal dominate French Open – by Douglas Robson (washingtonpost.com) Although, his winning percentage on Lenglen and Court 1 is 100%. :)

    The extra space on Chatrier allows Nadal to do what he does best: roam several feet behind the baseline and dig balls out of corners; return serve deep in the court where he can take massive swipes at the ball; and generally make offensive-minded players miserable.

  • Rafael Nadal and the $775,000 Watch – by Tom Perotta (wsj.com)

    Nadal would have lost a third watch if not for Eric Butorac, a doubles player who picked up a towel in the Cincinnati locker room a few years ago and found Nadal’s watch sitting there on a bench.

    Oh, Rafa.



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  1. Ugh! NOT happy about the schedule! Rafa’s match will be on at the same time as end of Roger-Monfils, then he’ll be opposite Sloane-Serena!! Only good thing is he’s playing the last American man in the draw so surely they’ll show some of it? Not happy that it’s on Lenglen either. Rafa’s going to need his heart, his smarts and his feet to be in good working order today.