RafaLint: May 28th

Photo by AP Photo/Christophe Ena

Photo by AP Photo/Christophe Ena

Nice presentation:

Estilo Nadal, a cámara lenta: el drive como látigo (mangle)

  • Nadal Finds His Range At Roland Garros – via atpworldtour.com

    “I’m very happy,” said Nadal. “I think I played a good match. The score is easier than what the match was like. I think I did a few things very well.

    “My footwork was better. I felt better than during the first round. I’m very happy with my performance and result.”

  • Solid Nadal Dismisses Almagro to Reach Third Round – Reuters via nytimes.com

    “My objective is to keep on doing what I did today. My match was a good match,” Nadal, who hit only 16 unforced errors in a dominant display, told a news conference.

    “I will try and continue on the same tracks. That is, I will gain power. That’s what I want and continue to be stable and solid and I hope I can roll out my plan.”

  • Smooth progress for Nadal – by Stuart Fraser (rolandgarros.com)
  • Nadal, en Mode Auto-Analys – via rolandgarros.com (mangle)
  • Richard Mille/Rafael Nadal by lacotedesmontres.com. WARNING: loud auto-play video, but VERY worth it for the pictures. Trust me. (via sabrine931) Here’s the mangle.
  • Players weigh in on Nadal’s umpire complaint – by Kamakshi Tandon (tennis.com)
  • Forget the Calls. Players Challenge the People Who Make Them. – by Christopher Clarey (nytimes.com)

    But Cédric Pioline, the former French star who played in Courier’s era in the 1990s and early 2000s, said that the situation “doesn’t surprise me at all.”

    Pioline said he had requested not to be assigned to a specific chair umpire during his career. “What surprises me in the case of Nadal is that the word got out,” Pioline said.

    The rules do not prohibit requests like Nadal’s and, despite Courier’s surprise, such requests are not without precedent. Nor are they guaranteed to succeed.

  • Take a look at these headlines:
    Nadal Welcomes “Great News” on FIFA Corruption
    Rafael Nadal Calls for FIFA Boss Sepp Blatter’s Ouster
    Great news if arrested FIFA officials confirmed guilty: Nadal
    And then compare them to what Rafa actually said:

    I follow the news around the world. I don’t have 100% information, and maybe nobody have the 100% information today yet. So it’s difficult to talk about. But it’s obvious that, I mean, in the world of sport, in the world of football, in the world of tennis, politics, around the world, we need people who are fair and who are ready to work in a good way, being honest. And if there is some people that are not being honest with the rest of the people, then they don’t deserve to be where they are. So if that’s what happened on that case with some people of FIFA, is great news that these people will not be there again. So it’s important to have the right people at every place.

    Seems a bit of a different tone to me…



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  1. JayDee50 says:

    Thanks for all the articles Miri; I have two main observations: 1) why on earth is the Rafa/Bernardes umpiring situation still a big news item? It’s been blown out of all proportion, purely because it’s Rafa and what business is it of other players to weigh in with their opinions when they clearly aren’t aware of the full picture?

    and 2) I’m not surprised at all about the FIFA corruption statement being taken entirely out of context, par for the course where Rafa’s concerned. Who needs enemies when you have the sport media?