RafaLint: May 24th

Photo by EPA via lainformacion.com

Photo by EPA via lainformacion.com

Congrats to Rafa’s foundation for what appears to be a rather successful gala event in Paris this weekend. Check the storify for pictures. Here’s a short article abut the event: The Rafa Nadal Foundation in Paris celebrates its first international gala (mangle)

Looks like Rafa will be playing his first match on Tuesday. At least, that’s the best guess now.

New Richard Mille Watch:

Richard Mille has released a new Rafa-Watch (the RM 27-02). You can read about it here. Be sure to scroll around for Rafa pics and a short interview.

Drooler Alert:

Are you sitting down? You might want to. Get comfy. You are going to want some alone time with these pictures from a 2014 photoshoot for Haute Magazine.




Some practice photos via Getty:

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  1. luckystar1 says:

    Im really sick of all these people (re the dailymail) predicting a downfall and then an early retirement of Rafa. Come on, theyre doing it almost every year now since 2011 when Novak started threatening Fedal reign. The same prediction just went on year after year, and Rafa was still winning his FO, and even got back his no.1 in 2013!

    Its like they cant wait for Rafa to retire into obscurity , as soon as possible. They just cant wait to anoint Novak as the new king of clay!

    In all honesty, I feel that its a big ask of Novak to first beat Rafa, then Murray and finally Fed to win the FO. OTOH, having Rafa to beat Novak, Murray and then Fed seems more plausible IMO. Rafa has proven in the past that hes able to beat at least two out of three of them, plus a Ferrer, or Sod, eg 2011 Sod in QF, Murray in SF and Fed in Final. Or 2014 Ferrer in QF, Murray in SF and Novak in Final.

    What else must Rafa do to prove his worth as the King of Clay? I like both Fed and Sharapova’s take on Rafa the king at RG. I hope Rafa beat all these players and wins his 10th FO crown THIS year, and let those who write him off get their faces covered with shit.