Doha: Final videos

Videos related to Rafa’s win over Monfils in the Doha final: including pre- and post-match interview, highlights and the trophy ceremony.

Pre-match interview on his way to to the site:

Short court-side pre-match interview:


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Another highlight reel:

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Hot shot #1:

Hot shot #2:

Hot shot #3:

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Match point, post-match interview & assorted cuteness:

Trophy ceremony:

4 Responses

  1. Isabelle says:

    Why the hell isn’t he wearing his seatbelt!

  2. Kate says:

    miri, thank you so much for the wonderful vids. I especially enjoyed the fireworks at the end. They didn’t show that on the stream I was watching. That trophy was beautiful. What a lovely addition to his trophy cabinet. And, as always, the “hot shots” are awesome.

    I’m so appreciative for all that you do…this site is wonderful. :)

    P.S. If you see this, I wanted to let you know that I purchased the window sticker you had posted back in October, I think it was. I just got it last week. I cannot wait for the warmer weather, so I can clean my back windshield and display it with pride. Thanks again for letting us know where we could purchase it.

  3. RAFAFAN says:

    This is the first time I saw Gael so gutted. He was really really disappointed. He is such a happy go lucky guy, but today he was all business s- no the ‘normal’ smiley funny clowny Gael during the match. I felt so sorry for him when they sat down after the match finished – he looked so sad. He played such a good tournament. A bit surprised that he withdrew from his next scheduled tournament (due to fatigue)though. Vamos Rafa!

    • Ramara says:

      I don’t think Gael is fatigued yet, but probably would be if he went deep into next week. Most of the contenders take the week off before a slam and Gael’s a quality player when he’s in form.