Doha: Getting 2014 officially started

AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili

AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili

For his first ATP singles match of the 2014 season, Rafa played #47 Lukas Rosol today in Doha. These two had only played once before, but given the location and result of that match (Wimbledon/Rafa lost), the head-to-head was on a lot of folks mind. It needn’t have been; one red-lining match does not a trend make. Today, both men played according to their rankings. Rafa did git wobbly in the second set. He was broken while serving at 4-4 and had to break right back to stay in the set. They went a tiebreak where Rafa held multiple set points before finally being able to close things out. He’s through 6-2, 7-6(7).


Statistics on Serve
Double Faults32
1st Serve %68%57%
1st Serve Points Won35/52 (67%)27/48 (56%)
2nd Serve Points Won14/24 (58%)19/36 (53%)
Break Points Saved4/5 (80%)3/6 (50%)
Service Games Played1010
Statistics on Return
1st Return Points Won21/48 (44%)17/52 (33%)
Second Return Points Won17/36 (47%)10/24 (42%)
Break Points Won3/6 (50%)1/5 (20%)
Return Games Played1010
Statistics on Points
Total Service Points Won49/76 (64%)46/84 (55%)
Total Return Points Won38/84 (45%)27/76 (36%)
Total Points Won87/160 (54%)73/160 (46%)

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25 Responses

  1. Susanna728 says:

    Whew! Have to say I’m relieved. I felt more nervious than usual. Would be fascinating to know whether Rafa did too. I suspect so but sometimes I project too much onto him. Rafa looks like he hasn’t quite found his game for the new season yet (lots of unforced) but he was still very solid, particularly in the important moments which is what counts and is one of the things that makes him a gret champion. I’m definitely looking forward to more success for him in 2014. Happy New Year everyone!

  2. JayDee50 says:

    You summed it up perfectly Miri. I am so glad the head to head between them is now levelled. It was a good way to start the new season, it puts a closure on Rafa’s 2012/2013 disrupted season, winning against the player who ended his 2012. Just very happy for the win.

    And also, I’d like to wish you and all Nadal News readers a very Happy New Year and a massive Thank You for all your efforts in 2013. You are a star. :)

  3. raulmad says:

    Wow……Happy for the win. Rafa played well in the first set and pretty bad in the second. But a win is a win and I’m happy for him, for me :)and for all the Rafa’s fan.

    Happy New Year everybody and many thanks Miri for your work.

  4. Celeste says:

    Happy New Year Miri! Thanks to you, we are updated when it comes to Rafa.

    Is there any chance you can post the video of their match? Tennis Channel doesn’t cover DOHA at all…wonder why?


  5. Sammy says:

    I’m also happy, and relieved, that Rafa won, which should be a given but wasn’t considering the fast court, Rafa’s rust and, most importantly, Rafa’s lack of “colm” when playing someone who beat him in such a spectacular fashion. “Spectacular” because it happened at Wimbledon and was one of the greatest shocks in Tennis history (despite Rafa’s obvious injury, confirmed by the subsequent long hiatus).

    I haven’t watched the match, but I read that Rosol was doing “dirty tricks” trying to annoy Rafa, which rafa didn’t fall for. Can anyone who saw the match confirm if that was true?

    • Okiegal says:

      He was jumping around like he had eaten Mexican jumping beans. I thought he was a little too active between points….but may be that’s his usual thing to do against anyone….just the second time to watch him play. He reminds me of Radek Stephanek (misspelled) the way he plays……after he hits a winner he runs a lot. Rafa didn’t seem to let it get under his skin too much. He annoys me. There were definitely no pleasantries at the net!! You could tell no love lost between the two.

      Vamos, Rafa!!

  6. JMS says:

    Happy New Year to all Rafa fans!!! Happy for the win against Rosol. Wishing Rafa another great year in 2014.

  7. Susanna728 says:

    When Rosol crouches down to return serve, he taps the frame of his racket twice on the court (clack, clack) every time and it’s quite audible. I remember something from last season about him being accused of doing it intentionally to distract the server, although that incident- whatever it was – obviously wasn’t during a match with Rafa since Rafa didn’t play him last season, and it wouldn’t have been noticeable on the grass at Wimbeldon. Rafa didn’t seem to notice it at all, although the Eurosport cameras did — they focused in on it a couple of times.

    • Ramara says:

      Rafa has incredible focus and a LOT of experience. No “dirty tricks” are going to affect him – I’m sure he’s seen it all by now. As for Rosol, I’m sure Rafa just thinks of him as the guy who happened to be standing on the other side of the net when his knee finally gave out in 2013. So much was made of Soderling’s win over him at RG in 09, but when Rafa got quizzed this year re his opponents in his 8 RG finals he had trouble even coming up with The Sod’s name.

    • miri says:

      Right – and he almost always does it. It’s not like it’s something he pulled out to piss off Rafa. It’s one of his ticks.

      • Sammy says:

        Never watched a Rosol match, other than the Wimbledon one with Rafa, but if he always does that, I’m not sure how he gets away with it. If the spectators are requested to be very quiet while a player is serving, the opponent shouldn’t be allowed to make such an annoying noise, I’d say! Regardless, resorting to such dirty tricks is unsportsmanlike and doesn’t exactly reflect very favorably on Rosol.

        At any rate, who cares; dirty tricks or not, Rafa won :)

    • Okiegal says:

      The camera picked up that racquet tap on the court a couple of times….I had to wonder why unless he gets on their nerves too. LOL. In the Wimby match Rafa complained about his constant spitting and his guttural throat sounds. Of course, he could not spit on hard court. He can be annoying…….but no shoulder bumps!!

  8. Jody says:

    For anyone here in the States, if you have the BEIN sports network with your cable or satellite package, they are showing the Doha tournament live. Here’s a link to the BEIN website’s FAQ’s. The 1st question has all of the various carriers listed and what channel it’s on, both in English and in Spanish.

    • Susanna728 says:

      OMG Jody, thank you!!! I have Dish but I had no idea I even had that channel or that the Qatar Open was on it. Just FYI for others who have Dish, the beinsports website says they’re on Dish’s 408, but on mine it’s 392. And the tournament is indeed on there. So excited!!

    • Okiegal says:

      I watched a live stream on my computer. Not the greatest reception but I can see it. Live score Hunter is where I found it… nothing. I have got to watch lots of his matches this past year.

    • Ramara says:

      Thank you, Jody! I found the BEin sports network on my Comcast lineup!! #excited

  9. Cassandra says:

    I really love Nadal News. Even though I don’t post very often, I read every word. Thank you Miri.
    So fun to hear people’s opinions from around the world. I am quite the Rafa fan. During this year’s USO I screamed so loud that my neighbor came over to be sure I was alright!

    Thank you from Southern Californnia

    • Karen says:

      Best New Year present Rafa could give his fans, ‘Most Recent Result’ Defeated Lukas Rosol, twice in 2 days. Great start to the year!!

    • Okiegal says:

      Cassandra, I’m here in Oklahoma and my neighbor thinks I’m nuts……She sees my lights on at all hours of the night during the Aussie Opens…………and its about that time again!!

      Vamos Rafa……..good luck for 2014!!

  10. Sharon/London says:

    Well how fitting Rafa opens his 2014 beating the guy who ended his 2012 season. Rosol is definately irritating when playing Rafa, seen him against other players he’s much more subdued. Rafa missing depth & range on his shots. & ROS but he will be better by AO .

    Well I’m already in 2014. Happy new year to you all.

    Miri thank you for another year of NadalNews, this site is amazing I’m totally addicted. Thank you for all your time & effort, much appreciated by all of us. Happy & healthy 2014 Miri.

  11. Annie says:

    Okiegal, yup, it’s almost that time of year again and I can’t wait! I love watching tennis from down under in the middle of the night. Something about seeing all the bright colors and sunshine while I’m all
    bundled up in the freezing snowy northeast!

    Just found out about beIN network and I have it!

    Happy New Year Miri and all Rafa’s fans !!!

  12. v.arunachalam says:

    Rosol & Steve Darcis have etched their names in history of tennis, thanks to Nadal for his generous gestures to these two leaving the others to feel jealous of these two. Naturally, Rosol tried his best to make 2-0 to sit on the world no.1 permanently & thereby solving Nadal enigma faced by more illustrious stars like Gasquet & Wawrinka. Mr. Rosol, best of luck, next time provided Nadal shows one more generosity.

  13. Lan says:

    Thank you Miri for your hard work and effort. Happy New Year to you with appreciation.

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