RafaLint: December 26th

Photo by Karl Jeffs

Photo by Karl Jeffs

Everyone ready for the return of RafaTennis on Thursday? It’s early morning for me (5am or 7am I think – haven’t done the math yet). Hope y’all can watch as Rafa kick-starts 2014 before 2013 is over by taking on David Ferrer in Abu Dhabi.



Rafa does social media:

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Quiz spoiler!
*The answer to #18 is incorrect – it should be grass (Newport), not hard.

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2 Responses

  1. Ramara says:

    Is Rafa the only athlete in the world who doesn’t fire his coach when things aren’t going well? I’ve taken it for granted but it’s finally hit me that it really IS unusual. Very unusual.

  2. quid says:

    Cool that Silver got the “Bon Nadal” in Catalan!

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