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Photo by Beth Wilson

Photo by Beth Wilson

Recommended reading:
No. 1 of ’13: Love and Suffering – by Steve Tignor. Yes, I’m so very predictable in the authors I’ll pick for a recommended reading mention.

Those human sides were revealed in the seemingly irrational doubts that each man harbored. Djokovic had beaten Nadal everywhere else in the world, and at every other Grand Slam, but there was still doubt in his mind that he could do it in Paris, on clay, over five sets. As for Nadal, he was well ahead in their career head to head, yet he still had doubts about his ability to stay with Djokovic. They had been ingrained in Rafa’s mind during his 0-7 run against Novak in 2011-’12.

So they fought each other, and the doubts that they had planted in each other’s minds, into overtime in the fifth set. In Australia, Nadal had succumbed to his nerves. This time, from 2-4 down, he broke out of his defensive posture and rallied with new depth and aggression down the stretch. He would finish with seven more winners than Djokovic, 61 to 54. Rafa even had enough love left for the game to try, and make, a tweener lob at 6-7 in the fifth set.

It’s the fact they are humans and show their weaknesses that make them interesting. Smooth perfection bores me – even if I know that deep down it’s not all that smooth and perfect. Some people hide their flaws too well. Some like to wallow to publicly in them. Some get the balance right: clearly not wanting to show weaknesses, nerves, etc, but being so very relateably human in not being able to completely hide them either.



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  • Checking in on players’ preseasons – by Courtney Nguyen (si.com)
  • Book Club: Facing Federer – by Steve Tignor (tennis.com). This line just cracked me up:

    Tursunov points to Nadal as the one player who is disciplined enough to stick with his own game in the face of Federer’s aura. As Tursunov says of Rafa, “If Jesus comes down and starts floating on the court, he still plays the way he’s playing.”

I finished my Christmas shopping today! Yay! Next up, wrapping…

3 Responses

  1. Fiona says:

    Love Tignor’s reporting on tennis and loved this article. It is such a mental game now between them. It does make me wonder what Becker will do for Djokovic on that score, as I don’t really think Djokovic needs more confidence.
    I would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to you Miri, for this fantastic website. Hopefully my husband has followed my Christmas request and bought some goodies from the site, to help you finance it.

    Merry Christmas all Rafa fans!

  2. Suzanne says:

    About the beIn event (in French): they are a sports channel, holding a draw. You participate by selecting one of three prizes. One choice is a workout with Rafa. If you win the draw, and you are also a subscriber to beIn, you get a workout outfit thrown in.

  3. Allyn Sims says:

    Love the Tursonov comment.