RafaLint: December 10th

Once again, it feels like there’s a good bit of lint out there for it being the off-season…

The Good Hand Project
Rafa and “his brother” tweeted/posted about the latest TGHP competition – eBay auctions of signed goodies:

Felt something was missing from yesterday’s news that Rafa was back to training? Well, it’s been rectified. Yep, time for some iB3 footage. (If your browsers don’t support HTML5 embedding, just click on the title link to see the videos on the iB3 site.)

First: Nadal torna als entrenaments per preparar la pròxima temporada – mangle of the description:

Nadal back in training in preparation for the next season

The new season begins for the world number 1. Rafael Nadal back in training in order to reach the Australian Open in mid-January with the machine at full capacity. After nearly a month without competition, except for exhibition tournaments in South America, Nadal wants to go now strip strip. These two weeks in Manacor used to recover fitness gradually.

Second: Nadal està compromès amb la Copa Davis però no assegura la seva presència a l’eliminatòria contra Alemanya – mangle of the description:

Nadal is committed to Davis Cup but said its presence in the tie against Germany

In February Spain faces Germany in the first round of the Davis Cup. It will also release the Mallorcan Carlos Moya as captain of the Spanish team. Nadal gives full support. Reiterates its commitment to play but it says this round.

Third: Rafel Nadal comença la pretemporada amb il·lusió – mangle of the description:

Rafael Nadal began the preseason with enthusiasm

With the goal of reaching one hundred percent to the Australian Open, a tournament which could not participate last year due to injury. On Tuesday, for the second day, the Spaniard trained for almost an hour with his friend Tomeu saves. The development of the world’s number 1 will be gradual after a month without competing at the highest level.




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  • Rafa let us know that there’s a lot of pretty blue on Mallorca.

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  1. JC says:

    “…Nadal wants to go now strip strip”.

    Well Rafa, if you feel you must, no arguments here! :)))

  2. Nora says:

    Lol maybe Rafa will play strip poker :O

    Good luck Rafa in Prague!!